ON MAY 10, 1971 AT 4:55 PM


The following Revelations were given to a group of Carmelite Sisters.


“My daughters, the Rays of My Heart, I extend to you.  There are millions of Rays projecting forth to touch you.  Each Ray is Grace.  Each Ray has Hope.  Each Ray is Strength.  Each Ray is Love.  Each Ray is Understanding from Above.  As The Heart beats, It creates more Rays.  It is The Heart of Heaven.

There are Others Here Who will speak.  The Power They will use to reach you will come through the Rays of My Heart to you.”


“Oh, beloved daughters, oh blessed ones, I am your Mother.  My Words today are to assure you of your way.  Work hard, My children, on growing in purity and love, and let your eyes see only the Rays of His Love.  As His Rays shine forth, let the love of your heart shine with the littleness it is, using the Rays of The Divine.

Keep close to you My Love, the Holy Beads, the Rosary that must be used to save mankind.  Never think of the prayers as monotonous or tedious, but say each one with love and care.  Keep ever in your mind a vision that will make the Beads quite clear.

As I step out of sight, a Beloved Saint of God will speak.  Pay close attention to His Words and from Them gather love.”


“My daughters, I am Saint Joseph and I come to you with Words of Truth, Direction, and yes, Love.  The steps you take for The Heavenly Father are good, each one.  The joy you show, the hidden tears you have, are cherished by Here; by God and Everyone.  The lonesomeness you feel, the tightness of your way you sometimes reveal, is loved by Here.  Each time you trust, each time you love, each time you pray, is loved by Here.

You have gathered Grace, gathered wisdom, gathered knowledge, gathered love.  The reward is not to be seen, but one day felt by you.  Reward for these things would be different if you were to want it now, to seek it now, to crave it now, to desire it now; and God says, ‘Let it mount up Here.’

I walked a lonely road, but a cherished one.  I trusted totally in The Divine One.  Be patient, My little ones, and walk with God in mind, and with The Holy Trinity as your Goal, to one day have Them in your sight.

I bless you with the Power of God, with the Love of The Son and with the Light of The Holy Ghost, as One.  I step aside for Someone Here Who is in the Realm you hold dear; a Saint you know, and She brings Words of Wisdom to hold dear.”


“My daughters, I am Teresa of Avila.  You know My way, you are aware of What I am about to say.  No better way to walk, no better way to talk, no better way to live as man, than how you are, where you are.  Remember this.

Each time you kneel, give thanks, give praise, speak love.  Each time you offer solace, do it in His Name, expressing His Love.  Each time you want to shout out loud, be self-disciplined, be in dignity and strength.  Do not let falsehoods turn you.  Do not let others’ weaknesses destroy you.  You are blessed, and will be abundantly, for how you feel, what you give.

I could speak on and on but I leave with a treasured thought for you and everyone.  The world must return to modesty, dignity, purity, and true love.  I bless you as a mother blesses her children, as I have so often done to you, when you were unaware of My Blessings for you in times of despair; also, in times when I knew you needed a mother to care.  I have never neglected you.  Remember this.

I step aside for Another to speak to you, a Child of love, a Child of truth, a Saint Who walked the way as you.”


“I toss at your feet the flowers of your choice.  They look like the kind that grow in a field, but in reality, they are strength, they are desire to face what is real.  As you gather your bouquets to walk your way, be sure, My sisters, that you gather all kinds:  little ones, big ones, not so lovely, and ones of tremendous beauty, to decorate the bouquets.  Let the ribbon you use to hold them close together be your Holy Rosary.  Let the Beads be seen as your chain of love, to remind others that they, too, must gather flowers to present to the Feet of The Beloved Father.

I have many kinds in mind; one, that barely is big enough to be seen by the eyes of mankind.  Its little head stands out from the stem and gives love with its odor, for it gives pleasure and delight to mankind.  Remember the bouquet, remember the chain, and remember, My sisters, to work and never feel one act is in vain.

As I leave the Vision, I leave Others to speak, One Who walked in the way of a priest.”


“There were many times I wished to walk away from what I felt was not my way, until one day I realized that God did want me to stay.  From that time on I put in hours.  Some were tedious, but all were dedicated to a Higher Power, and given with love, with purpose, in truth.

I listened to sins and I gave absolution.  I felt the weight of mankind and the agony of disillusionment.  I felt pity and sadness.  I felt despair, and sometimes gladness.  I was fully aware that no matter what I felt, it had to be offered to God.  You, too, must be aware of this and offer each day out of love for Him.

Some men said I cured Souls.  I would smile and I would say, ‘I am but God’s instrument.’ My Name, unimportant, but I will give it to you.  I am known throughout the Heavens as Saint John Vianney.

As I pass from Vision to Another, I smile with Much Love, for the Saint is truly beloved in Heaven.”


“I am Saint Francis of Assisi, and I speak firm.  My daughters, let no man interfere with your way, with your thoughts, with your direction.  You are to follow the rules with patience, with love, and in truth.  I know by now you are tired in the human way, and before I leave I give you My Blessing, God’s Way.  So be it.”

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