ON MAY 15, 1971 AT 3:20 PM


“My sons, I am Saint Athanasius and I speak to you today from a Realm different than yours, but guided by The Holy Trinity fully.  Let Me say, ‘Let Me reach your hearts.’

I lived in a time before yours.  I lived in a time of turmoil, hate, distrust.  I lived, listening to men in error, and there were many things I had to change, to clear up.  The responsibility you have is, in many ways, the same.  Errors are being allowed and too few men are standing ground to be a strength against these errors.  Many men are being used to destroy Souls, bodies, minds:  the evil one, jealous at all times.

Man has a term he uses loosely.  I use it sincerely: ‘man to man’.  Saint to man, I speak to you.  You live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.  You live in a time where satan is having a fling, using mankind for every type of evil thing.  If you could but see the Love that is Here, trying desperately to reach you through means you can understand, through ways you can recognize, through terms easily met by you.  You are being fooled by things you think will pass away soon.

Today, when you entered this home, countless Saints met you at the door.  Nowhere have you been told this before.  Trust, My sons, that What I say is truth and that I reach you because God loves you.  Take your pasts and let them be just that.  Do not let scruples or weakness control you.  Let all who meet you recognize God in you.  You have the opportunity to become Saints.

At this moment, if a man walked into the room and offered you world fame, you would be intrigued, enticed, stimulated, and your mind would run, thinking of the beauty of this, the glamour of it.  I offered you Far Greater.  I felt the jump of some hearts but I could not help but see a lack there from you to Me.  Sainthood is possible, Sainthood is probable for each man here.  It is not too late to climb the stairs.

In the beginning, the child spoke to you of gems:  Heaven’s Words, Heavenly done, Heaven’s Love.  When you leave, take the gem of Truth with you, the gem of Survival, the gem of Love.  Cherish it, shine it, take care of it.  As you are a creation of God’s, you are loved much by Him.  Let the will that He gave you return the Soul that is His to Him.  As The Father was a Trinity, He made you a trinity.  As He is Father, Son and Holy Ghost, you are Soul, body, Guardian Angel.  No Greater Love could be shown by Him than the design He gave to all men.

As I hold the child in the Power of Heaven, I hold you.  You must reach out, you must speak out, and help all men reach Heaven.  It will be your strength in the way of men.  It will be your example.  Never be afraid to stand as the Apostles once stood.  They were as you.  They were the first ones to receive the Food:  the Bread and Wine, the Body and Blood.  You, too, have this right, this privilege for you.  Heaven plays no games.  Life is too important to God, and any game man plays, where it concerns his Soul, my, what odds.

I bless you with God’s Love and with the Faith to endure what you must, but I bless you with courage to trust.  So be it for now, My sons.”

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