ON MAY 26, 1971 AT 9:00 PM


“My beloved sons, My beloved daughters, I am The Second Person of The Blessed Trinity.  I come to you on this night on your time, to address you, to teach you, to give you Love.

Through the child, I will tell you some of the horrors going on now.  Many men live in a cell.  The cell can be their home, can be their work, can be in a place where they attend the place of knowledge.  They do not see beyond the cell’s walls, only once in awhile.  In some ways this is good, it is a protection; in some ways, not so good, for it blinds the children from reality.

Heaven is real.  Hell is real.  I am Truth.  Satan is untruth, envy, jealousy, hate, pride.  In the world, many men are feeding their pride, accepting their egos to a degree, thinking that’s all there is. ‘Just please me,’ they say.  This is sadness.

Man caters to flesh, caters to senses, caters to the material side of all things.  If The Father did not want you to enjoy all the things that are about, He would not have allowed them to be, but man distorts and makes things of beauty ugly, for he allows satan to intervene, use weakness to make all things obscene.  Man is catering to weaknesses he never before knew he had.

There are programs now, instituted by the devil and carried out by man.  The ‘sensitivity program’, as man calls it, by this and other names, is a killer of Souls, and in many ways, dragging man down to the abyss of Hell.  Then there are men using gatherings to pray; seeking self-power, self-display.  These are means that will destroy in many ways.

There are men who use their weakness to lead children astray.  They do not teach modesty nor purity as a beautiful way.  They torture the mind with signs of obscenity, using ugliness, sin, corruptness, to destroy the child from within.  There are men who accept their weakness, making excuses for what they do; weak excuses, causing themselves to be thrown into the pit of despair.

There are men catering to the evil one, accepting worldly goods from him, small powers momentarily, and yes, feeding their pride, building a shell with nothing inside.  The day will come and they will realize they have no power, they have nothing to lean upon that’s worthwhile.  They will disintegrate.  They will fall into the abyss of Hell.

There are men who are placing so much emphasis, accent on book knowledge.  It is sad but true, they live their whole life trusting what other men say as truth.  Not always so.

The road to Heaven is so easy, so beautiful, so peaceful, so loving, so giving, so simple.  It is a road of dedication to God’s Way.  This means trust, this means prayer, this means acts of love, this means obedience, this means self-discipline.  This means joy, fun, laughter, courage.

Man says, ‘I wish I could come upon a Shangri-La.’ The word is only a word, but man uses this word to describe a place of utter joy, complete peace, all love.  He pictures it as the closest thing to Heaven while he is on earth.  Heaven smiles and says, ‘If a Shangri-La were given to you, what would you do with it?’ He doesn’t know.  First of all, in man’s terminology, he has a word that means certain things to him, so he relates to this word, events, particulars, people, problems.  The word in itself is just a word.

Man looks around and does not realize what life is all about.  He thinks he knows.  He does not know, for he has forgotten to depend on God.  Right now, there are many men who would not forget to do a chore around the house, who would not forget to drop a loved one a note, who would not forget to nod ‘Hello’, but who would never think of taking the time to grow in God’s Way, one step at a time.

When you meet, you recognize each other.  When you awake, what is your first thought?  It should be to The Holy Trinity, with The Cross.  No effort needed here, no big expense, not much time; just a second, using The Cross before you even take the cover off:

‘In the Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Ghost.  Good morning, God, thank You for this day.’

A moment of love.  Remember to say the greeting to Heaven first each day.  Then the cell you hold dear will have more meaning and it will be lighter by far, for that little greeting brings Us closer to you, and you will feel more meaning to the day, to all things.

As you are in the physical form, your Creator is Divine.  It is wise, My children, to recognize Divine Way, Divine Love, Divine Power, and accept God’s Love with the littleness you are.  You are loved much.  You are cherished and your little Souls must come Here, must glow with a Light that would blind you if you could see it.

Sainthood is real.  It is a Gem, created by The Holy Trinity.  I hand It to you.  Will you take It or will you accept the synthetic?  I could not bear for you not to take It, for one day you are to be Here.  I bless you with God’s Love, with My Heart and with the Light of The Holy Ghost, as One.  So be it.”

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