ON JUNE 2, 1971 AT 2:55 PM


“My sons, My daughter, be sure that when you listen, you sift out what is untrue, what is harmful to your Soul, and what will detain you on the way to Here.

Many teachings are being performed to direct youth on the road to Hell, the road of untruth, the road to disaster, the road of permissiveness, the road of anguish, agony; the road of material development, fleshly satisfaction.  It is a difficult road for it is a hazardous road, full of deceit, full of anxiety, with very little peace.

As man is, in the world now, being made conscious of the power of the mind, the need for the mind to develop on immaterial values, there is much deception being accentuated by satan.

Please, My children, keep your eyes open to what is around, but walk in blindness, in love with God.  Keep your ears open but sift out untruths.  Let your mouth be a channel of all good.  Let what is said be for the Glory of God.  Let the words be helpful in many ways and not just a rattling on of sound, with no meaning, no purpose, no love.  Let your hands be tools for God.  Let your feet carry you, if need be, to distant lands, with the purpose of saving Souls.  Every act you perform, let it be dedicated to God’s Way.

I was a priest in My day.  I am Saint John Vianney.  As I listened to man, I desired only to help him.  As I gave advice, counsel, direction, absolution, I looked to God’s Reasoning, God’s Will.

Whether you walk life in a small way or a big way, keep at all times a goal in view, the goal of truth for you.

I bless you with Heavenly Love.  I beseech you, allow your physical lives to bear much fruit, to gain much Grace for you.  So be it.”

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