ON JUNE 3, 1971 AT 11:10 AM


“Thousands of men are eagerly looking for excitement in life, purpose for everything they do, but they are looking with self-love, pride, ego.  Right now, children are not being taught the Spiritual love, life, that must be a great part of them.  Many things regarding God, the Realness of Him, the Beauty of Him, the Divinity of Him, are being eliminated so children will not see The Holy Trinity as It truly is.

You live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.  Men are flitting around, feverishly working to be important among men.  This is sadness to The Heavenly Father.  The Purpose of life is to return to Him, to enjoy Heaven.  Man is humanizing God.  He is meticulous in this doing.  You have been exposed to this in many ways.  It is satan’s subtleness to diminish the Heavenly Way.

Right now, God is using This Miracle for the good of all mankind, for mankind to recognize the Magnificence of the Example that was accomplished by The Beloved Saint Joseph.  All men must hear His Name, see Him for the way He was, obedient, self-disciplined and full of trust.  Teach your children about Him.

I bless you in The Father’s Name and in the Name of His Son and in the Name of The Holy Ghost, The Trinity as One.  My Name is Saint Athanasius, and All Heaven is prepared to perpetuate This Miracle of The Beloved Son.  So be it.”

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