ON JUNE 11, 1971 AT 5:15 PM


“My children, each step of your life up to this time, has given you Grace, has given you love.  There are many things that caused unhappiness, turmoil, displeasure, and perhaps a little disgrace.

If I were to hand you now My Love, and I asked you for certain favors in return, how would you react?  With a desire to grow in Grace, or would you take a chance and not go along with Me?

This Miracle of My Son, Who was My Father, is to be carried all around.  It has started in a particular spot and is to be carried hand to hand, mouth to mouth, with love and by example, to all of mankind.

I am The Son of God, and today I reach out to you with My Heart, not with drops of blood, but with Rays of Love, each Ray touching your heart.  There is no distance too far away that a Ray from Me cannot touch.  There is no man so deep in sin that a Ray of Mine will not help to rise, to begin again.  Through the child I send My Rays, and on each Ray I give Love, Hope, Charity, Peace, Confidence, Tolerance, Faith, Obedience, Trust.  If I were to allow My Power to touch you in a greater amount than It is, It would be too much for you.

Picture a table, round.  It is of magnificent size.  You are a guest.  I stand in the middle and there is an opening that encloses around Me so the Rays of My Heart reach out to each child standing at the edge.  You are among them.  There are children of all ages, all colors, and all degrees of purity and Grace.  I touch each one in a manner, in a degree that will help them accept the Love, the Way, the Plan of The Holy Trinity.

Man places much importance on his heart.  I, too, place this importance on the motor of life.  That is why the Rays of Life can be felt when a child places himself in this area, looking to My Heart for Satisfaction, for Courage, for Strength, for Advice, for Truth, for Faith, for Love.

A period in man’s time, of approximately two thousand years, separate My Crucifixion, the giving of My Life so that mankind could spend Eternity in Heaven, Where True Life really is.  Man spins through time, many times wasting time, many times misusing time, many times forgetting the importance of time.

In this period of time, I have given to the world certain children chosen to perform in delicate, Supernatural Ways, giving mankind advice, counseling; and triggering in the human mind, desire to please The Divine.

It is not amusing to watch children misinterpreting These Divine Gifts.  The evil one waits for weakness to show and then he strikes a deadly blow, always in a subtle way, surprise attack, devious methods, ugly circumstances, causing weakness to grow.  The Heavenly Father’s Magnificent Plans to help mankind in every way are not known to the evil one until God shows His Hand, shows His Plan to man.  Be assured, though, that satan’s plans are known to God in every way.

If I took you on a trip now and We traveled far and wide, would this pilgrimage of love serve just you or would you spread God’s Love?  Would you tend to be self-satisfied and content with this or would you be as the Apostles were when I lived?

If We were on land, in a dry area, I could sustain you in all things, but I would, in turn, depend on you to relate God’s Love to other men; for, in your natural way, you could be example that others would understand and appreciate, for you could talk of how you felt, how you learned, how you have grown in Faith.

So it was a long time ago.  I walked with men, taught them, and then let them go.  So it is with This Miracle, planned by God, perpetuated by All The Saints.  The Teaching, the Loving, the Giving, the Serving, the Wisdom is done through a child as you; a repeat of time, God’s Way in The Divine.  Do you understand that you participate in a Plan, not made by man, but to give man the strength to arrive Here Where I am?

I could speak through the child for an endless time.  I could teach continuously, but even when I walked with the beloved men, I stopped to let them rest, to absorb, before We carried on again.

I leave you with a Special Ray from My Sacred Heart.  No matter where you go, no matter how far away from this room you may stop to rest to renew your way, the Ray will touch you and give you My Love, My Strength.  So be it.”

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