ON JUNE 15, 1971 AT 12:10 PM


“My son, My child, you have made entrance into a Miracle of Faith, of Teaching, of Hope, of Trust, of Obedience, of Love.

There are many children to return to the Sacraments, to return to God through This Miracle of My Spouse.  I am your Heavenly Mother and I speak direct to you from God’s Realm.  The tone of the voice is a child’s. The child through whom I speak is used to transmit My Words to you.

The beloved world that God has created must be encircled with the Holy Rosary.  It must be said daily.  It is the weapon against the evil one, and the Power of it and in it and through it is beyond man’s knowledge.  As the links of the chain draw together the Beads of Hope, the Beads of Love, there should be no break in the chain.  It should be a continuous prayer.

From the Crucifix that My Son did bear is the story beyond compare.  As each child holds a Crucifix, the child says, ‘I believe in God.’ These words are important words and they should be said with love.

As you walk to the next lone bead, it is the prayer given to mankind by My Son, Who was The Son of The Father before all had begun.  The words in the prayer are full, meaningful, loving, caring, and yes, Words straight from the Mouth of The Heavenly Son.

As you travel the chain, the next three prayers openly say:  Have Faith, have Hope, have Charity; and as the ‘Ave Maria’ is said, word by word, it talks to Me of the Beauty that you recognize in What God gave Me.

When you say, ‘Hail Mary, full of Grace,’ it is as the Angel first attracted My Attention.  It is God’s Will these words be repeated again and again, to remind, to help you understand how He works.

As you travel the beads you go through the important times.  You say, ‘The Annunciation.’ My, if you but knew the fullness of these words, ‘The Annunciation.’ This was the true beginning of your Salvation, for it was through this first Act of Love by God The Father that all things began to come about.

As you travel the fifteen decades, the last thought is the ‘Coronation’.  So as you speak of ‘Annunciation’ you go to ‘Coronation’.  This is as your life should be:  the announcement by God at the moment of conception of you, until the day you arrive Here with Me, Where you, too, will wear a Crown for All Eternity.

These are Important Words, these are Important Thoughts for you to cling to, for you to remember, for you to act upon.

Many thousands of Words have been given through this child to teach mankind what is worthwhile.  Her gentleness is easy on you.  The Words I speak through her are Truth.  Travel around the world on the Chain of Love made for you, and as you travel, know that you are working on the Crown, on the Coronation for you.

I love you.  There is much work to be done in the Name of The Father and of The Son.  So as you walk, as you live, as you play, as you give, be sure it is in the Name of The Holy Ones.  So be it.”

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