ON JUNE 21, 1971 AT 2:35 PM


“My beloved sons, My daughters, I am Saint Agnes.  My way in the world was the human way, as yours is.  To be a child of God is a Gift from Him.  To walk, performing daily tasks, daily acts, is a Gift from Him.  To pray, to feel the need for prayer, is a Gift from Him.  To learn, and to perform well from the learning, is a Gift from Him.  To see the beauty of every day is a Gift from Him.  To feel the closeness of love is a Gift from Him.  To be satisfied is a Gift from Him.  To enjoy the physical life is a Gift from Him.  The first breath was a Gift from Him, as the last one will be; the beginning, where there is no end:  Here, Where I am, in the Realm of Heaven.

I speak to children of all ages and all degrees of love.  I speak with the Power of God and with His Love.  As you are in love with truth, you are in love with Him.  Be subservient to Him and grow in Grace with Him, in Him, for Him.

If a friend offered you a gift, it would give you happiness, joy, and you would feel stimulated, elevated, and yes, an inner happiness would radiate from you because of the thought someone had for you.  Each day God has a Gift for you:  the Gift of Love, the Gift of Truth, the Gift of Peace, the Gift of Assurance, the Gift of Motivation, the Gift of Love — The Holy Eucharist, a Transfusion just for you.  Each day you have the ability, the power, the stamina to go forward and receive this Gift.  Ask yourselves how many times you have refused this Gift.  If it were a human giving it to you, you would accept it with love.  Your Creator hands It to you.  What will your future plans be in receiving this Gift from Above?

Man knows that to pray is to communicate.  How often do you pray?  You can make every act a prayer, every thought a prayer, every word a prayer.  Try it.  Begin today.

Missionaries all over the world greet people, help people, worry for people, and sometimes even die for people.  This is done mainly out of love for God, love for His Creation, love to serve.  Let your lives be as the missionaries who go far away.  Let your mission be here where you are.  Let each day be a day of service to God, a day of giving.  Think about this, act upon it, and let it give you much Grace.  Let it help you grow in the service of The Holy Trinity.

As I leave, The Father blesses you, The Beloved Son crosses His Hand over you, and the Light of The Holy Ghost shines through you; a Gift from your Creator.  What more can you ask?  So be it.”

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