ON JUNE 21, 1971 AT 5:10 PM

“I smile when I hear the child speak to you of My Way, My Time.  Through her I reach the world, God’s Way, God’s Will, God’s Love.  The Heavenly Father has appointed This Time for man to know and understand all of Me.  Through His Will, I come to you to encourage you to help others pray to Me.

You see, My children, there is so much anguish in the world, so much tragedy, so much adversity.  Families are crumbling, children are being scandalized, religious vocations are diminishing for so many reasons and in so many ways.

The time in which I lived had turmoil, and many people were being suffocated for what they felt was justness, whereas it was only self-love, pride, egotism and envy.

If you will but look to the Ten Commandments, you will find They cover all things.  Man looks at Them but does not realize the full meaning of Them, the full interpretation They are.  Sinful men ignore Them.  Some children blind themselves to Them; hopefully, so they will not have to obey Them.  They have been given to the world by The Heavenly Father.  They are to be acknowledged, and yes, obeyed.

If I were to stand visible in your presence at this moment, I would not be more evident to you than the Words I give to you through a child as you.

The answer to many hysterical problems is prayer; to emotional upsets, is prayer; to physical ailments, is prayer.  Prayer triggers Faith, helps it grow.  Faith triggers charity, helps it grow.  Charity triggers hope, helps it grow.  Hope triggers love and helps it grow.  Love triggers trust and helps it grow.

Many men are so taken up with knowledge from books, they neglect the beauty of wisdom.  Heaven puts wisdom first, for to be knowledgeable is not always a show of wisdom.

If you lived in a time other than your own, it would not have been correct for you.  The time of now is best for your Soul.  From this moment on, strive for perfection.  Make it your goal.  Reach out for it each day and when you feel you cannot reach it, pray, and it will trigger the way.  It will give you the zeal to carry on.

You are Blessed by this day.  Let What I have said lead you to Here.  Be as a seed of love.  Let My Words grow.  Let the Wisdom given show, and let the truth be your goal.  Do not take each day for granted.  Know that it is a Gift from God, a treasure all its own.  My Way is clear.  Place yourselves under My Mantle and walk the way to Here.

The Heavenly Mother offers you Her Hand and in it She holds the Holy Rosary, so your hand will touch the Beads She holds dear for every man.  The Souls Who are yet to come Here can gain entrance faster if you will but give the time and allow your prayers to be used by Her to help many Souls come Here.

I bless you with the Love of The Blessed Trinity, with the Power of God and with the truth of life.  So be it.”

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