ON JULY 23, 1971 AT 3:00 PM


“As I walked the path to the end of the physical line, the tears I shed were for mankind.  The feeling in My stomach, I was sick to the core, for I knew that for some men the suffering I endured would not be sufficient for them.  They would fight, saying: ‘My will must come first.  What I feel must be satisfied.  I’ll worry at a later time.’

The tears of water eventually mingled with the Blood from the Crown of Thorns that dug and dug and dug.  Each thorn that pressed in had a pain of its own, and the Blood with the tears tasted horrible on My tongue as I wept for the Souls who screamed out at Me.  Weak, wicked remarks about the strength I should be showing if I was The Son of The King, brought sadness to Me, for I knew what The Father expected of Me.

I was born to the world to set all men free and I look around now and I see everywhere, men ignoring the walk to the Hill, where I hung on the Cross, called Calvary.  It is easy for man to think back at that time and say proudly to others, ‘He gave His Life for mine.’

It is easy to love when men respond and when the purpose is right but, oh, My children, what sadness is Here, for to look at the world now, renews the sensation of the Blood mingled with tears.  The sin, the corruption, the hate, the envy, the weakness, the turmoil, the pride that encircles mankind is causing The Blessed Trinity to stand firm and command mankind to either change and look to The Divine or to be destroyed.

I alert you today out of Love, and I ask that in your time the prayers that you say grow in number each day, and that you look at the Love of The Divine.  Take notice, My children, of all that you have, and then take heed to how you act.

I bless you today with a Divine Love.  I give you the strength to stand up to the Words I have said.  So be it for now.”

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