ON JULY 23, 1971 AT 3:25 PM


“I am Saint Bernadette.  I speak to teach you a way of understanding for the path of the way of man.  Do not take all things lightly.  There is a sufficient amount for you to accept this way but there are many things too important to be taken lightly.  Happiness can be had with serious matters, joy can be evident in important matters, and peace can be found where truth is all around.

Man plays a game he calls tic-tac-toe.  It is a simple game and oftentimes is played, barely thinking of what the next move should be when it is made.  After awhile some men begin to realize it is time-consuming and far from worthwhile.  A game such as this has an emptiness about it for there is no depth to it, no real purpose in it or about it.  It has very little challenge but it entertains for the moment.  Not so with worthwhile things.  There is a depth that is felt, a stimulation that comes.

My children, be always aware of what you do, how you care.  Balance all things out well and do not play useless games that could take you to Hell.  Walk the path of life ever thinking of your Soul.  I walked the earth, found happiness in growing in love with God.  You too, can do this, feel this.  God loves you.  So be it for now.”

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