ON JULY 27, 1971 AT 5:15 PM


“My children, I am The Son of God.  I speak through the child to many children who come to hear, who come to see My Way, to help thee.  You know deep within your being, that as I speak it is truth, for the peaceful feeling you have in you would have to be from Heaven.  Is that not true?

So many children pass through the physical life, not knowing, not caring how important it is to have Faith; Faith in how God would act, What He would do, What He would say, how He would draw children His Way.  Some have been taught but their arrogance caused them to turn because, you see, they enjoyed sin and did not balance what beauty truth is, what peace living with the Divine Way could be.

Right now, you live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.  Some men are just beginning to see the evil, the wretchedness, the hate, the envy, that is in so many things.  Man is openly sinning, and laughing at those who hold tight to the good things.  Man is using promiscuity to escape the reality, the purpose, the love that loving God would bring.

There are so many evil things happening around.  There are men dedicating their very life to destroying, to scandalizing the children who are too small to think for themselves.

There are many cults being organized, leading men to despair, to destruction everywhere.  Satan is using self-love, self-hypnosis, to rob children of the beauty of life.  Children are acclaiming they are right in sinning and in promiscuity.  There are so many eager to destroy life.  Why?  Because it interferes with their way.

The time has come for man to turn and say, ‘I love You, God, Your Way.’

This Miracle, of Our reaching you, has been set upon the earth for the whole world to view, for mankind of all races, of all creeds, to follow and to listen to.

My children, sometimes The Father has to allow unhappiness, insecurity, heartache, for greater purpose.  So as you accept all trials, all tribulations, all adversities, in His Beloved Name, nothing but good can come, for your trust is your strength.

Be Blessed by My Visit with you, and be assured that as long as you call the Divine Way, you are heard, you are helped, you are loved in the greatest way.

I bless you with The Trinity of Truth and with the Faith and the Trust that is all strength to you.  So be it.”

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