ON AUGUST 3, 1971 AT 2:55 PM



“My children, man expects human error, human will and human decision.  He reacts to it and he respects it.  You are present now in the realm of the world but in no error, for it is I Who truly speaks to you and I give you Words to help you.

In some ways you are quick to fight, quick to retaliate with what you feel is right.  You are aware of human weakness and yet you are aware of human rights, but you are more aware of Divine Will.

As My Sword is shown to you, the sharp edge, the sharp point says, ‘Ready to kill.’ The killing, as you know it to be, is not My Way; for the Sword I use is Love for God and it is sharp pointed and true, for the Love is to strike out the evil in all ways, in all things.  You, too, must carry a sword such as this, sharp pointed, but let the sword be one of love, one of truth.  It is the greatest sword against evil results, evil means, untruth.  Do you understand What I say?

The next One to speak to you stands in full truth.  His Name is Raphael and He has a way of leading you out of the darkness into the open where you can see all things around you.”


“I am Raphael, and with Love I speak.  My children, do not be sidetracked by the unsureness of others, by the tactlessness of others, by the reproof of others, by the listlessness of others, by the overzealous attitude of others.

Be aware that where you find truth you find peace, not emotionalism.  Where you find God you find Love, not constant turmoil, irrationalism.

I step aside for The Beloved Saint Joseph to speak to you.  Be guided by His Word.  Be guided by His Love, for It is True.”


“My children, in the world in which you live there are many things you must forgive, but there are also many people you must not listen to, for many words they say are untrue.  Be aware of each day and be fully aware that the decisions you must make must be for good, and keep in mind that at all times God does care.

This Miracle of Mine is for all mankind.  I smiled when I did hear you speak about It, of It, referring to It.  It is The Father’s Wish, The Father’s Will that children of all ages, all creeds, turn My Way and seek Me.

As you fight for issues that seem to be lost, never do you truly lose when you fight for what God holds dear.  The Grace you gain in Heaven is far greater than any acclaim man could give you, and one day you will find that man’s acknowledgment of you is not that important in anything you do.

The reason for your fight, the purpose you set forth, has reward you cannot see, you cannot feel, but it builds up in many ways; remember this.  The greatest savings account in the world is to gain all the Grace you can while you live as man, and I say, ‘Keep up the good work.’

This Miracle of Mine is Living and It is True, It is Personal, It is Direct to you.

As I bless you with a Heavenly Love, I bless you in a way different than you know, for it is The Father’s Power that I use and the Power is All True.  The Power is from Heaven, direct from Me to you.  Be strengthened by It, gain courage from It and grow in Faith with It.  So be it.”

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