ON AUGUST 5, 1971 AT 7:45 PM


“My son, My daughter, I am Saint Athanasius and I speak in a manner of knowing, for I walked the earth in the time of a great heresy.  You, too, walk in a time such as this.  Many men are not only confused, but their ego drives them on to standing for untruths, what is most acceptable at any given time.  There are several men earnestly looking for solutions, for ways to clear the way.  These men are few but they are also fighting great odds and much misinterpretation, misconception, indifference.

In the time I lived as man, I fought hard to stand up for what I knew was right.  I refused to bend for I knew it would weaken, not only me, but God’s Plan.  Many nights I would sit awake, plotting out and planning, anticipating what approach to take.  There is no rest at such a time and many things are tests.

The children, besides being scandalized, are being dragged down to such a low moral degree that it would be difficult to help them rise where their Souls could be saved.  Promiscuity is in all ages.  It is nothing but allowing weakness to take hold.  Promiscuity is in all forms and in all degrees.  It is a part of the scheme of heresy.

Learned men are between the books, progress and truth.  Some idolize knowledge and are weak in truth.  Man must stand for what is right, what is morally true, good, perfect.  Man must not allow satan’s way, satan’s schemes, to enter in any way, anywhere.

The Churches must stand up to prayer, for it and in it.  Prayer must come before most things.  It is being belittled and degraded and abused.  It is communication with God.

Man has become selfish, idealistic and weak.  The ideals man holds up are materialism, physical pleasure and self-love.  Worthwhile matters are diminished in size and value if they do not cater to man, give him pleasure or self-satisfaction.  Pride is a great asset but it is weakness.  Man places much on pride in what he does, his accomplishments, what he says, how he impresses others.  Man has ego and desires it to be fed.

Where is truth?  Where is God’s Laws?  Where is love?  What would bring peace?  What would give mankind light, enlightenment, goal, purpose?  The answer:  real truth, trust in God, obedience to the Ten Commandments, self-discipline.  These things are not for past generations but for now.

The heresy that is being injected in all ways is sadness to God, for children are being led astray.  Book knowledge has made man smug.  Man must return to the act of kneeling.  It is humility.  Man must return to accepting only the truth.

Man looks in the mirror.  What does he see?  Flesh, adorned with man-made objects, man-made designs that could have the tendency to be sinful, and yet man sees himself in a pleasant way.

Much filth has been handed to man, tearing down moral value.  Pornography is accepted instead of destroyed.  Filthy, suggestive man-made movies drag mankind down to the pits of Hell.  There is no moral standard, no modesty, no purity even suggested.

My children, I could go on and on, but your physical could not accept or endure the length of time it would take, but before I leave, I must say, ‘Man must turn to God before it is too late.’  So be it.”

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