ON AUGUST 13, 1971 AT 4:45 PM


“My beloved daughters, I am Saint Anne.  I am The Heavenly Mother’s Mother.  I am your Grandmother.  You sometimes forget Me.  Now, as you know, I walked the earth, holding the hand of Mary.  Mary walked the earth holding the Hand of The Son of God.

There is much here for you today.  Sometimes, in your prayer, you forget to trust.  I know that many things are difficult for you to bear, but nonetheless, you must accept daily stress and offer it to God, Who is Here.  Do not feel sadness for it only creates more sadness.  It is as joy is.  Joy, when shown, felt, given, creates more joy.  There is much to be happy in, for and about.

The Love I have for you is greater than you know.  It is a Grandmother’s Love for a child who walks a heavy road.  In an earthly way, such a position carries much love.  In a Heavenly Way, it carries more than love.  It carries help, love, concern, and yes, answers to prayer.

Remember, as I walked in the human way, we had discouragements in Our day; responsibility, too, was much as it is with you.  So do not be weighed down by what occurs all around, but look to God, look to the Heavenly Crown, and accept God’s Love in the way He gives It to you; for, It is more than you know, for you do not always look for It His Way, but your way, and you bypass It because It is different than you expected It to be.

I bless you with The Holy Trinity and with My Love for children in My family.  So be it.”

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