ON AUGUST 17, 1971 AT 2:50 PM


“My son, My daughter, I did hang upon a man-made Cross.  I was taken down from the Cross by man.  I was laid in a tomb by man, but My Rising was through the Power of God The Father.  So it is now in your time.  You are allowed the physical movements, the physical action of the daily way.  Your Faith, your love for God is from Him, and your growing in love with Him is His Desire for you.  As I walked for Him, I walked for you.

This Miracle of My Beloved Son, Who was My Beloved Father, is the Way of Truth for mankind.  It is a Way of Solid Foundation to learn What Heaven wants of you.  You, My children, are to walk in love with God, doing His Will.  There will be a time that He has decreed for you to be ever in His Way.

I speak to your mind, but more to your heart.  I speak in Truth.  You are fully aware that as I speak, the Love you feel is beyond man’s realm.  The drawing that you feel is not a magnet as you know, but Grace and God’s Love for you.  It is greater than a man-made magnet, for, My children, He wants you.  The Father’s Love is not a momentary thing.  It is Real, It is Deep, It is Lasting, It is True.  All men could forsake you but He never will.

When I hung upon the Cross, when the pain was so great I felt I could not endure it, it was Love for Him and from Him that gave Me the strength to say, ‘Thy Will, My God, forever and a day.’

The more you grow in love with Him, the more you will desire to pray to Him and the more you will want to please Him, and the more you will want to walk only in the Grace of Him.

Man sees rain as refreshing.  When it falls, the earth seems to sparkle with cleanliness.  The air takes on a new feeling, a new air.  The sky seems to have strength, and children of all ages are fully aware of a change.  This can be compared with God’s Grace, only the results are far greater, more numerous, and yes, more beautiful by far, in the long run.  I give this double definition so you will better understand the fullness of What I say.

Oh, My children, man seeks love; God is True Love.  Man seeks hope; God is Hope.  Man seeks wisdom; God is Wisdom.  As you walk, be aware of this at all times.

The world is in desperate need of truth.  Much sin is all around you.  Please, My children, stand in truth despite the results.  You see, man is weak and will fight you, but your strength will be his strength, so give him strength to lean upon; for, as you do, you gain Grace from Here.

I bless you with the Wounds of My Head, My Heart, My Flesh, and I ask you to walk only to the truth for you.  So be it.”

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