ON AUGUST 18, 1971 AT 4:45 PM


“My daughters, I am your Heavenly Mother.  Let Us join a circle and discuss the beauty of the physical way.  We must All talk and exchange thoughts in a special way.  I will speak first.

My children, never lose sight of the Purpose of your life and the beauty it can be each day.  Never dwell on disappointments, discouragements, fears, but look to the bright light of the day.

When the sky is darkened and night falls, think of the beauty of this transition that took place, knowing that it will recur next day.  This is a Miracle that man experiences every day of his physical life, and yet there are men who say they depend solely on themselves each day.

There are women of all ages who frivolously say, ‘Enjoy the day,’ and they feel great sorrow for themselves when things do not go their way.  As your daily life is a constant going on of Miracle after Miracle, your surroundings, the atmosphere you live in, more Miracles, then would you not say it would be wise to look God straight in the eyes and accept His Love?  for if you can do this, and as you do it, you will feel peace and a glow inside.  Submission to His Will, His Way, His Love, brings a Heavenly Peace to children.

Now let Us discuss the problems that could arise.  Those you meet could have convincing stories of why you should retreat or join in their way of thinking.  Beware, be cautious, and look at all angles, for satan works through many children who have not dared look God in the eyes.

This physical life you experience is truly a Gift from God.  It is not just a pastime to Him but a Great Love from Him.  Remember that all knowledge is not wisdom and you must be able to sift out what is right.  Be careful so you will not absorb untruth, wrong, evil.

My daughters, I know exactly what you think and I know you feel certain things timely in your way, but I say to you: ‘Think, and do not run into all sorts of play.  Some could be innocent, some not so, and some take your Soul far away.’

I do not speak just to talk.  I speak for I know that the time has come for girls such as you to grow in a Spiritual manner, way, design, so that one day you will be in Heaven with The Divine.

One day, take a blank piece of paper and hold it before your eyes.  Ask yourself what this piece of paper tells you.  You will most assuredly say, ‘Nothing, Mother.  Is there something I do not see today?’ I will smile at this time, for the paper is just that; made by man for a purpose, and unless the purpose is written down, whether the purpose is good or bad, the purpose of the paper is to write words upon or pictures, something like that.  Compare the plain paper with your lives.  Unless it is used to the fullest, you will not see anything when you see a reflection of it in your thoughts, your way, your eyes.

Use the physical for all good, for the purpose it was created for, and let no man draw you from God in any form.  I truly speak to children I love, for as The Father loves you, it makes you Mine.  Be Blessed by this time.  Cherish it.  It is truly from The Divine.  So be it.”

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