ON AUGUST 19, 1971 AT 8:35 PM


“My enemy is always around.  I allow it for reasons of My Own.  Temptation can be used for your Sanctification.  It is a tool of great means to you.  Oh, My children, temptation is, in many ways, something for you to use to gain Grace.  I know that sometimes you feel it is too much for you.  Not so.  I always give you the right amount of strength to conquer and act the way you must do.  Do you understand?

Right now, there are many men searching for answers.  They do not understand that prayer will give them many answers.  Also, they do not realize that truth says more than what it shows to say.  Truth is admitting My Way.

As I walked the lands, men in My time fought temptations.  They, too, used this way to gain Grace and to grow in Heaven’s Way.  In Heaven there are many Mansions, too numerous to mention now.  Each child born to the world has the privilege to enter a Mansion.  Please, My children, use this means, the physical way, to gain Sanctification.  The moral value of most men is low, is limited.  Set your standards high so you can outwit the evil that is all around.

I have given This Miracle of My Son, Who was My Father, to the world, so that mankind will one day arrive Here in Heaven to stay.  The evil one fights hard This Miracle, but The Miracle Of Saint Joseph is to lead mankind to Here.

The long pilgrimages that one day will be, will show you God’s Way for the Son Who was the Father of Me.  The Basilica that must be built in His Honor will be.  Pilgrims will come from all over the world to see this Place of Honor for Him, high on a hill, as bright as the Star was the night I was born in Bethlehem.  So, as that Star led mankind to Me, this Hill of Love in Honor to Him, will lead mankind to Heaven.

The world must know of This Miracle.  Thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon thousands of Words are daily being sent to children such as you.  All Heaven has come forward to teach, to give Direction, Love, to all mankind, so that they will follow in line to the Hill that will bring mankind to Here.

I know that as you talk with the child, you, in some ways, wonder how such a Miracle could be.  Use Faith, use trust, and be in love with Me.  Place before you each night My Heart, and let It direct you in God’s Way.  The Heart that bled for all mankind shows Itself and dares to say, ‘Enter My Heart and stay there each day.’ There is enough room in this Heart for all mankind.  That is the Power of God that you cannot fathom.

So it is with This Miracle set upon earth; small, but in all ways, of Great Magnitude.  It appears to be in a natural way.  It is far from natural.  It is All Supernatural.  So, as you have learned much from This Miracle of the day, be sure your Soul is enlightened with more love of the Divine Way.  You have your will to use each day.  Use it in My Way.  So be it.”

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