ON AUGUST 25, 1971 AT 11:20 AM


“When man speaks of a secret, he usually is aware that, even though it is a secret, there are some who are in knowledge of it.  Is this not so?  Heaven is no secret; the Purpose of life, no secret; the Heavenly Way, no secret; God’s Love, no secret.

As I walked the earth, I was teaching all men the Beauty of God, and I never once said, ‘Do not tell anyone.’ When you stand in complete truth, complete love, this is how you feel; no secret.

My daughter, it is necessary for all men to know of This Miracle among them.  There are thousands of children spiritually hungry, spiritually dead.  That is why God has sent This Miracle for men.  The time was decreed a long time ago.  Only The Father knew when it would be.

As you transcribe notes, be sure that you include God’s Will through thee.  Be sure that when you express what The Father wants, do it with humility.

As I once walked the earth, I taught love for The Father, Purpose of life and the Way to Heaven.  Again, Heaven is teaching this, and honoring a Beloved Saint along with it.  It is now the time that The Beloved Saint Joseph be seen, be heard, be loved, be recognized for the Place He holds in The Divine.

The Words you take are not just words.  They are dictated to you from a Heavenly Way, from Me, The Son of The Trinity.

It is Truth you are involved in now and no secret surrounds It.  Be ever ready to stand up for truth, no matter who tries to down it.  Be ever conscious of the evil one’s ways and how he tricks children of all ages.

This Miracle of My Son, Who was My earthly Father, is on the Winds of God’s Power.  You have been partaking in It now, something you never dreamed could be, but it is Truth that I speak to thee.  Remember, it is no secret, My Love for thee.  So be it.”

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