ON AUGUST 25, 1971 AT 3:35 PM


“My beloved children, I am The Sacred Heart.  I speak with Love and with much meaning to you.  My Words are direct.  There are no complicated parts to what I must say to you.

The Altar of Love is the Table of Gifts.  The Altar serves a definite purpose, a definite way, and as it is prepared in a given pattern, the Gift that is on it is Life-giving and comes with a Power of Great Strength.  Ask yourselves today, how many times you have been invited to partake in the Table of Love and in thanks.

You take your eyes for granted and yet they see all visible things to you.  You take your heart for granted, yet it beats with life for you.  You take your mind for granted and yet it is through this mind that you work, play, and walk through each day.  You underestimate your will, for your will is what you use to determine your way; and now I ask you, ‘What importance do you feel your Soul plays?’

As I stand in the Heavens, giving you These Words through The Miracle Of Saint Joseph, I add further Knowledge, Wisdom, Love.  The Miracle of this Saint is repeating the time I walked the world.  There are many similarities in this way.  The Father Wills it be done as this.  All Saints in Heaven have come forward to stress important issues for children of all kinds, all ages, to be alerted to, to follow, to accept.  As I taught in many places, I teach again through a child as you.  The Father has decreed this time to be for all and you.  All the Words that have come from Heaven through this child are to remind mankind of the Purpose of life and what is worthwhile.

Ask yourselves this question:  How many times have you asked God for a Miracle, small or large, but to just put it in view?  It is here now and It is in your view.  I ask you now, ‘What are you going to do:  follow the Teachings, follow the Way, follow the Directions I give today, or are you going to rest and forget What I did say?’ If you do, you are foolish and weak in many ways.

Let Us go back to a time long ago, when the Star of Bethlehem showed I was born.  You are familiar with this, you have heard it quite often.  You know the story well, and yet you were not there; but now you are.  There is a Hill that must shine as the Star of Bethlehem once did, to bring all mankind to God and to show them the Way to Here.

Ask yourselves how much time you waste each day, and how much of your will is directed to good.  Ask yourself if you love only yourself, or do you love God first and above all.  You might be surprised at the answers you give.  Please be honest and truthful, for if you are, then you will find the right track to The Divine.

I speak firm, My children, because I love you.  I speak in Truth for it is God’s Will.  Never before in the History of mankind has Heaven approached all mankind in this way, using a child such as you.

The Purpose of life is Sainthood.  Ask yourselves this tonight: ‘Have I realized all along what each day should be directed to and for, or have I wasted time?’

From now on, think of this Heart of Mine, and as you do, think of time.  As My Heart beats with Divine Love, your heart must beat with truth.  As My Heart beats with God’s Love for you, your heart must be aware of how He wants you to return to Him your whole being, your Soul, your body.  Remember, My daughters, you walk in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.  Ask yourself:  Are you partaking in this time or are you correcting the errors?  You may have to agree you partake a small bit; sadness to Me.

The time has come for This Miracle of My Beloved Son, Who was My earthly Father, to help men understand the Beauty of Here, the Love of Here.  Keep in mind, at all times, prayer.  You can’t escape it.  It is always there.

Make a note of these things:  To accept as often as possible The Holy Eucharist that is Divine Transfusion for thee.  Second, to keep ever on your person, the Holy Rosary.  It is the greatest weapon against God’s enemy.  Third, to make a habit of visits to The Blessed Trinity, to kneel before The Sacrament and say, ‘I love You, God, in a special way.  Please help me.’

When a child kneels before The Blessed Sacrament, God is ever ready to answer the child’s plea.  Never be too sophisticated to kneel, for this is an act of humility.  Humility is strength, not weakness.  Remember this as you go.  Pride and ego, weakness; and makes you weaker as you go.

Oh, My children, if you but knew What you have come upon, you would kneel in Reverence and in Honor to The Beloved God.  Ask for Faith in a great amount.  Ask for perseverance to help you through the ordeals ahead.  Be tolerant of others who do not understand, but be sure you pray that they will gain the Grace to comprehend.

I bless you with My Heart and with the Wounds I did suffer.  I bless you with the Drops of Blood that no longer are seen by man, but the Ones that were picked up by the Angels when I did walk the land.  So be it.”

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