ON AUGUST 27, 1971 AT 9:00 PM


“I am The Son of The Father, The Second Person of The Blessed Trinity.  I once came to your world in the form of man.  I walked it as you, and taught all men.  Again I come, but this time through a child as you.  The reason for My coming is somewhat similar to before.  The situation surrounding Me now is that I come to perpetuate The Miracle of My Son, Who, when I walked the earth, was My earthly Father; and This Miracle is again for the Salvation of mankind.

I speak on this night with utmost care and with a deliberate manner from Here.  The world, as it is seen by Heaven, is struck by an avalanche of disaster, caused by sin, caused by the evil one, caused by the weakness of man.  It is true, you experience a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.  It is not fable.  It is not myth.  It is not imagination.  It is truth.  There have been many wars fought for useless reasons.  There have been many men killed for no reason at all.  The goings on, the treachery, the hate that is taking place now is a horror to see.  Please believe Me.

The day must come and man must understand that his frivolous manner, his tepid attitude toward prayer, is ridiculous and must cease; for, you see, God is everywhere.

Man must understand that he can no longer play both sides to the end.  He can no longer give in to his weakness.  He can no longer ignore truth.  He can no longer accept the easy way out, the fleshly manner, the material road.

Man has accustomed himself to material things.  Man would be happier with less, but he has set a scale of life, of living, he needs for himself, and he struggles beyond this, causing himself unhappiness.  Man would be better off living in the Light of God’s Love than living in a mansion or in a great place, having servants all around.

Many men make excuses for wanting things, doing things, sinning against God.  Man is a great waster of time.  He thinks nothing of this.  Man denies the importance of time, and yet man cries for more time.  Is this not so?

As you sit, partaking in a Miracle Divine, of Supernatural Grace and Means and Manner, ask yourself this: ‘Am I prepared to follow in a more definite way, God’s Will?  Am I prepared to accept What He says and allow myself to follow the truth?’

In each hand place some amount of exchange.  Look at it.  Ask yourself what it means to you.  If you are wise you will understand that it could be taken away.  What would you have?  But no man can take away from you love for God, peace of mind, and growth in His Way Divine.

Each day you face the task of living as man, there is hope around you, there is love around you, there is a great amount of security around you, there is purpose all around you; and now I say, ‘What did you give God today?’

Please, My children, think much of What I say and thank The Heavenly Father for each day.  I bless you with much Love and with the Faith to grow God’s Way.  So be it.”

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