ON SEPTEMBER 2, 1971 AT 2:45 PM


“My sons, My daughters, I am Saint Agnes.  You have not made much of many of the opportunities for Spiritual growth that have come your way.  You understand and you are aware that God is ever present, ever ready to listen to you, to acknowledge your way.

I have come to you today with a Great Message of Truth.  Do not live each day just accepting it, but be sure that you receive it in gratitude, as a privilege of great growth.  You walk in a world where man feels self-assured.  Stripping man down to what he truly is would show you that his real worth is The Father’s Gift to him; the Soul he bears is the Greatest Part of him.

There are many easy–going sinners in the world.  This is sadness to The Father, for the enemy of His constantly nags at a child, grabs at a child, detours a child, and insists that a child pay attention to him.  Ignore him when he is around, this evil one who wears no crown.  Beware of one who tells you to be prideful and to desire all material gain, happiness, love.  Also, be watchful when you are told to strive high, work hard to be noticed among men.

Oh, My children, Sainthood is not just for My day but is open for you in your day.  You have the privilege to walk this path.  God does not expect perfection of you, but for you to strive for perfection.  You must be assured that as you were born to the world, God had designed for you a Place with Him.  Only you can change this.  He allows you the privilege of this.

Keep in mind at all times, the instrument of your destination, your ‘will’.  Ask yourself this:  Am I using it for good or am I destroying myself with it?  Please, My children, be ever cautious of your will and what it does for you.  All of Us Here in Heaven have had a will, and now have a Crown.  I ask you today that one day you will replace your will with a Crown.  So be it.”

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