ON SEPTEMBER 2, 1971 AT 8:20 PM


“My son, My daughters, as you entered I was happy to see the glow in your hearts for Me.  I am The Son of The Father and I was The Son of The Beloved Joseph.

As I walked the earth as you, I worked as you, I planned as you, I prayed as you, and all the time I knew that My Coming would be for the Salvation of you.  My Love for The Father was True, as His Love for you was so Great, so Deep, He wanted to show you, through My Death, His Love for you.

You see, My children, The Father places much accent, much emphasis, much Love on you.  Do not walk without prayer.  Do not just talk about prayer.  Experience it in a verbal way, in a silent way, in an acting way.

The Blood I shed was as your blood.  The pain I felt was as the pain you feel.  Remember this when you pray.  Pray to the Wounds I shed one day.

You see, My children, this physical life you have is to draw you to a Greater Life Where I am.  Do not place so much importance on the physical that you neglect the Spiritual.

I love you, and tonight is the first time you have come upon a Miracle such as This.  Cherish It, grow from It, and as you do, you will grow more in love with The Father of all men.  So be it.”

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