ON SEPTEMBER 9, 1971 AT 3:10 PM


“My daughters, I am Saint Bernadette.  I come to you today with a deep Love and on a mission for God.  Remember at all times that first you are His.  Remember, too, that you are children to Him.  Be aware that as I speak through This Miracle Of Saint Joseph, I speak in Truth and Teaching.

Right now you are open, you are vulnerable, and you are available to meet with those who teach heresy, immorality of all kinds.  Be conscious of the truth and how you must stand in it.  The time in which you live is a time that will give you the opportunity to become a Great Saint.

First of all, be aware of the will you have and use this will to do God’s Will whenever you can.  Keep in mind the power of the Holy Rosary, the weapon it is, the magnitude of it.  Also, keep ever in mind the privilege of The Holy Eucharist.  Make it a point to deny yourself everything just to receive Him Who Is.  Never put Him second, for He created you.  This delicate mechanism you are came from Him.  Remember, too, that He loves to use you as an instrument of His.  Pray daily, pray often.  Use prayer as a strength.  Be humble, never prideful, for pride is weakness and robs you of strength.

I bless you, My children, and I ask you today to think more of the privilege of being instruments for God each day, and also, to keep in mind the Goal of Sainthood that is All Divine.  So be it.”

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