ON SEPTEMBER 12, 1971 AT 12:00 PM


“My daughters, I am Saint Anne.  I have come today to speak through a child and give you My Love, but most of all I come to give you Direction so that one day you will arrive Here Above.

When you speak on a phone, your voice is carried by tone to another place.  To be heard, you must speak, for the one on the other end does not have the power to read your thoughts.  This is a great communication among men.

There is a greater communication for you each day.  It can be done in thought, acts, example, work, words, and you can be sure that Heaven will completely understand.  Keep this in mind at all times.

I know that when you think of Heaven, It is remote in many ways.  Not so, My children.  Heaven is only a thought away.  As you become more aware of Heaven being able to see and to hear, you will become more apt to pray and recognize more God’s Way.  Also, keep before you at all times the significance that All The Saints show.  They walked the earth as you.  They planned their way as you.  They had a will as you, and they had weaknesses also.

If it be known in a correct way, you will recognize Me as your Heavenly Grandmother every day, for as I was the Mother of The Beloved Mary, She is your Mother; I am your Grandmother in a very loving way.

My daughters, do not try to escape life.  Use it to enjoy real life.  Never let laziness or waste of time be so much a part of your daily life.  Occupy each moment, if not in action, with prayer in some form.

Be wise, My daughters, and begin each day dedicating the day to God and His Way.  It would be easy to do, simple to follow, and give peace to you.  Right now in the Heavens, All are ready to answer prayers and help you in a way best for you.  If your prayers are answered differently than you expect, request, desire or hope for, be thankful and be assured that the prayer was answered for a greater good.

You live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.  It is up to you to face the challenges of your time and it is up to you to use the will you have to follow The Divine.  You have equal chance.  Make the most of it.  Make use of it and be thankful for it.

Do not allow any man to lead you to the way of Hell.  If you do, much sorrow will be yours.  As you fear treachery, brutality, hate, despair, avoid it and always look to Here.  Keep in mind at all time the Star of Bethlehem, the way of hope, the gift of sacrifice, and the path to God.

I bless you in a Heavenly Way with the Power God has given Me, and I say, ‘Follow My Words and all that will help you come This Way.’  So be it.”

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