ON SEPTEMBER 14, 1971 AT 10:35 AM


“My beloved sons, again I speak from the Realm of Heaven.  I walked a path not always acceptable to man.  I am Saint Francis of Assisi.  I am much evident in This Miracle, for you see, the time has come and God is ready to strike where need be.

At this time in which you live, the heresy, the weakness, the sinful suffocation that is taking place is a horror to see from Here.  Satan is screaming out loud for mankind to follow him.  God says gently, firmly: ‘My children, seek only truth.  Seek Me, and when you cannot find Me and where you cannot find Me, please sift the truth and there I’ll be, ready to help thee.’

I have listened to you speak of the disorder in Orders.  Man is seeking self-recognition, self-purpose, self-approval, self-acclaim.  He denies that self-denial, self-resignation is a greater aim.  The habit I wore was threadbare but I knew that God did care, and I knew that one day this material would disintegrate, no more to be seen by man; and I was aware that a Soul within me, around me, would live on and on and on, through time.

Again, you too, have a Soul as I, and you too, must be aware of the cries of the Souls who will never see the Eyes of God.  If you could but hear the cries, the anguish, the terror, the hurt, you would not be able to stand the sounds, the sights, the reality Hell truly is.

Thousands and thousands of religious are walking the path to Hell and they are leading the little ones as well.  The man who has chosen for his vocation, the way of life — the marriage state, the single state — must save others.  Stand strong, be firm, be staunch in what you know is truth, for satan will find a weak point and then work on you.

Please believe Me, My sons, the Way to Heaven is, in many ways, a beautiful, easy one, for it has security, it has hope, it has trust, it has love, it has purpose.  The path to Hell is many times, turmoil, self, self, self, self, self, until you are so tired of yourself that you succumb to anything.  That is how he works.  Do you understand what I am saying?  To truly live a beautiful life is to give, and to serve God, and to do what is right; to stand in sacrifice, penance, and to hold firm on the Teachings of Christ.

I speak through this child.  She is as you and yet All Heaven uses her as an instrument for Truth.  The Hierarchy of the beloved Church of God sometimes refuse to accept the Words, for if they do, they will have to return to obedience, they will have to accept What God says, and they will have to look to Heaven for the answers, instead of each other.

Man shouts, ‘I can relate more to mankind for I see mankind, I feel mankind, I understand mankind.’ God says, ‘Do you really?  for if you did, you would see it in weakness.  You would see no real power in man, only ego and pride, envy, jealousy, hate.’

Man thinks humility is weakness.  Not so.  Humility is strength, for when a man is humble he has a feeling of security, generosity.  He has a feeling of serving, giving, loving, caring, doing.  A humble man does not put himself, his needs, his wishes, his cares, his loves, first.  This takes strength, believe Me, My sons, to put yourself last.

Man is using much play with words and on them.  Man is using wrong songs towards The Blessed Holy Trinity.  Man says, ‘I will sing praise,’ and God says, ‘To whom, My child?’ Man says, ‘This feels good to me,’ and God says, ‘Is that necessary?’ Man says, ‘I will live today, for tomorrow I may die,’ and God says, ‘I offer you Life Forever, only satan can cause you to die.’

My sons, I have given you much to go on today.  I bless you with The Father’s Love and with The Heart of The Son, and with the Wounds He suffered for everyone, and I bless you with the Light and the Truth of The Holy Ghost.  No Greater Blessing could any man receive, besides The Sacred Host.  So be it.”

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