ON SEPTEMBER 16, 1971 AT 3:50 PM


“Yes, My son, I am Saint Martin de Porres.  I speak from a Realm, in many ways far from you, and yet close to you.  I have walked the earth among men.  Many times, as I talked to men, I wanted so to give them strength, to give them hope.  I was concerned for man.  Oftentimes men did not understand what I meant.

As I stand Here in the Heavens, The Beloved Father allows Me to express to men My Love.  Also, He allows Me to touch the lives of many men.  There are many areas where My Name is not spoken, perhaps because of the color of My skin, but you see, God’s Will must be done through Me.  So, I speak to you today and say, ‘Pray to Me, son, I will answer thee, and when you want extra strength, join with Me at the Altar of Love and partake in the Holy Host of Love.’

Never deny the Truth God is, and as you sit with this child through whom I speak, The Miracle Of Saint Joseph is for the strong and the weak.  It is to lead mankind to where all colors, all races, all creeds, all men will one day be free in the Arms of The Heavenly Three.

I bless you, My son, as I leave, with Words alone, for I will remain with you till one day you come to the Throne.  So be it.”

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