ON SEPTEMBER 22, 1971 AT 2:15 PM


“My beloved daughters, I am Saint Bernadette.  My children, you walk in a very privileged way, and through this way you can gain Sainthood in Heaven.  Use every means of good to help you on the road to Here, the road to God.  Be aware that as you walk each day through, it is not the end but the beginning for you.

As you examine your conscience, be fully aware that you go over the day and plan to improve on your actions, your thoughts, your ideas, your love, for the next day.  If you follow such a pattern, you will find each day a growing matter.

So many children are well-fed in the physical way, and yet are anemic, are starving in the Spiritual way.

Never make excuses for not receiving The Beloved Holy Sacrament.  Make the most of each day, and as you carry The Beloved Host within your being, pray.  Pray to better understand, to better know God’s Plan.

Keep ever on your person the Beloved Holy Rosary.  It is the greatest weapon against evil man has.

When you are ill, bless yourself often with the Water blessed by the Man of God.  Use it much and accept the truth of it.

Visits to The Blessed Sacrament should be cherished by you, for in doing this you please The One Who created you.

I bless you, My children, with Truth, and I bless you through The Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph.  Honor Him, pray to Him, and ask Him to protect you and He will.  He never denies a child His Protection, for remember, He was The Protector of The Divine Son and of The Son’s Mother.  You are Blessed with God’s Love, God’s Will.  So be it.”

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