ON SEPTEMBER 22, 1971 AT 10:05 PM


“My beloved daughters, I am Saint Bernadette.  I speak tonight with much Direction, for I know you are equal to the amount I must give.  First of all, My children, never be taken in by the weaknesses of others, by their selfish needs, by their injustice to God.  So many times you encounter worthless things.  Pass them by, and go on to worthwhile, meaningful tasks.

This Miracle Of Saint Joseph is for mankind to understand God’s Will, God’s Plan.  Please, be assured that your way is important to God.  Begin today by promising Him you will grow more in love with Him and will obey Him.  Make a list of the things that will help you better understand the Purpose of life, His Plan.

Be fully aware of the importance of purity.  It is not a thing of the past or a thing for the very young.  It is for all ages, all children.  Purity is many things.  It is a physical thing and a Spiritual thing.  It has a dignity, a purpose.

The next thing you must develop is the will to be obedient.  Obedience says many things.  It says the Ten Commandments.  It says accepting God’s Will without question.  It says truth is your aim.  Obedience is strength, is service, is giving.  Obedience, in itself, says peace, tolerance, compassion, love.

The next thing you must place much attention on is self-discipline.  Watch your angry moments, be cautious of your impatience, and do not criticize or gossip.

My children, these are things that can create more love within you and can give you more desire and strength to be a Saint.

Now let Us, you and I, concentrate on action:  the act of receiving The Holy Eucharist, the act of kneeling to Him Who Is; the act of devotion in His Honor, His Name; the act of serving in some way, His Way; the act of open prayer, holding the Holy Rosary, alone or with others; the act of sharing what you know, what you feel, God’s Way.

My children, develop your love for God and never limit yourselves in His Way, and never allow any man to detour you from what you know is God’s Plan.

I bless you with The Father’s Love and with the Faith that will bring you closer to Him.  I bless you with Trust, I bless you with Truth, I bless you with Light, and now I say, ‘Amen’.”

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