ON OCTOBER 2, 1971 AT 11:25 AM


“My children, I am Saint Bernadette.  I know that My speaking to you this way and in this manner is unusual for you, but nonetheless true.  I walked the earth in the way you do, human; and there were many days I faced the day with much sickness, much fear, much anxiety, and when a Vision was about to be, there was excitement, for I knew The Heavenly Queen would speak with Great Love for all mankind.  This Miracle Of Saint Joseph is as This, only This Miracle is Constant, Momentary, Visible, Personal, Loving, Giving, and All Tenderness.

The world in which you now live is worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.  Satan has worked many things to diminish the Soul and make man grow in his way.  Please, My children, do not forget that the flesh you are will one day no longer be, and it will be the Soul you have that will come to Eternity.  In the time you live, so much importance is placed on the physical desire, the physical sight, the physical emotion, the physical place, the physical feelings.  I ask you on this day, direct from Heaven Where I stay, that you become wise and walk in wisdom, and you pray.

The beloved Holy Rosary is not a prayer of only My day.  It is a prayer of now and you must use it as protection every day.  I speak to God’s sons in the room now.  Never allow yourselves to be without it on your person, for when you do, you let yourself open to the horror around you.  When you feel the sight of sin, the emotion of sin, the fear of sin, the intent of sin, put it in your hand and fondle it and plead to Her to help you.  She will, right then.

The Holy Rosary is for all mankind, all religions, and for men all over the world.  It is a weapon of truth, a weapon designed by Here.

The first prayer on these Beads says, ‘I believe in God.’ Remember, children, He is your Creator, He is King.

The next bead says the prayer The Son of The Father gave to man.  It says, ‘Our Father Who art in Heaven.’ Through this bead, through this prayer, you acknowledge God Who is Here.  The small space between this bead says, ‘Breathe, child, meditate on what is to be.’

The next bead says you desire Faith and you speak to Our Lady about this Faith.  You call on Her.  She is your Heavenly Mother and She is Queen of Heaven.  She listens to your desire, for it will be through Faith you will grow in God’s Way.

And now you travel to the next bead which is hope, and as you desire hope in all things, it gives you a goal, a desire, a way.  Our Lady hears this prayer, for after the desire you say, ‘Hail Mary, full of Grace.’

And now you travel to the next bead.  Do it slowly.  Don’t rush, please; and then you say, ‘Charity’.  As you live in a very selfish world, this bead says much for your Soul, for you must learn charity to have love.  So you say to Her, ‘Hail Mary’, and you draw Her Attention to your needs:  Faith, Hope, Charity.

And now you are on your way, traveling the Great Mysteries of all days.  You begin by the Annunciation.  This alone says that you believe that The Son of God was Immaculately Conceived, and that you understand it had to be to save you, and you understand also, that God loved you so much He gave you Example with His Magic Touch, for as you say the Annunciation, you recognize the Birth that had to be; and now you go on ten times, saying ‘Hail’ to The Queen, and for each step along the way, you meditate on a special day.

Now, if you travel these Beads with love and understanding, you will grow in Faith, in Hope, and in Charity, for these Beads are the way for you to come Here one day.  Remember, the Beads were given to help mankind have strength.  Always say the Beads before the end of day, and how pleased Our Blessed Mother is when a child takes the time to not only say the first five, but fifteen, for then the child covers every place, every Important Event that occurred.

So now, remember, as you pray the Holy Beads, do it a holy way, and as you do this, offer up the prayers for those who have strayed and those who have not yet seen This Place.

It was at Fatima that The Beloved Saint Joseph appeared, blessing the world, holding it dear, and as He did, He held in His Arms the Child Who was to save mankind.  So you see, again here, in your time, your day, The Beloved Son of The Father and The Beloved Father of The Son have come again.

I bless you with God’s Love today.  So be it.”

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