ON OCTOBER 14, 1971 AT 8:00 PM


“My sons and My daughters, I am Saint John Vianney.  So Many in Heaven are standing by, as man would put it, to speak to children on this night; children who want to do what is right.

In the time in which I lived, children had the same problems as you, and many of them did not know how to solve them, their way.  In the confessional I listened to heartache, to hurt, and to many things that were easy to solve if the child would only pray.

The time in which you live is worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.  You must survive it and you must keep in mind you are meant to be a Saint.  Sainthood was not something just for the time in which I lived.  Sainthood is for you and for all mankind to desire, to strive for, to gain.  You live in a time right now that you can become a Great Saint.  The question you ask, ‘How?’ The answer is simple:  learn to love God, learn to serve God, learn to pray; learn to seek the truth, God’s Way.

You live in a time when so many men are prideful, egotistic.  They want power, and now I say, ‘All these things pass away.’ The truth is that they are only weaknesses, in so many ways.  A humble man is a strong man, a giving man, a serving man, and in most ways, a happy man.  A man who worries only for himself is a selfish man, is a prideful man, is a man with little else to do.

Right now the power that is sought is sadness to Here, for it is only a temporary thing.  The real power of life is governing your own Soul fully, strongly, hopefully, lovingly.

You ask many times, ‘How do I know what is God’s Will for me?’ I say to you now: ‘That is easy for thee.  Do you pray in the morning?  Do you tell Him that you are grateful for the things you have?  Do you truly ask Him what He wants you to give?’ ‘A little time,’ He might say.  Would you be willing to give the time?  Most here in the room with this child might say, ‘I’ll give You time, God, every day.’

My little ones, you are God’s Love, you are God’s Creations, you are God’s favored children.  You see, time with Him would be special to Him.  Faith in Him would be special to Him.  Trust in Him would be special to Him.  Begin the day with no excuses, by receiving The Holy Eucharist that He Is.  Right now you live in a time where man is trying to diminish this Great Love of His.  The desecration to This is sadness to Him.  It is happening all over the world.  That is one of the reasons for This Great Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph:  to teach children the Magnitude of The Holy Eucharist, to teach children What He Truly Is, and to warn them of the desecration.

The evil one is constantly devising a plan against God.  Your prayers, your love, your service diminishes his plan.  Nowhere in time, even in Sodom and Gomorrah, was there so much sin, was there so much crime.  Promiscuity is an accepted thing.  Homosexuality, against God in every way.  Man is seeking escape through narcotics, through alcohol, and God says, ‘Child, do not destroy yourself in this way.’ There are cults forming in every way, every direction.  Men are seeking leadership in these cults.  They are not seeking God’s Way, but power for themselves.  This is weakness, My children, for they do not really teach God’s Love.

I could go on and on but I say, ‘The confessional is one way to clean your way, to clean your heart, to clear your mind, to begin anew, another day.’ Another great thing for man to follow is to examine his conscience every day.  Do it fairly, look at what you have done, and then ask yourself how you can improve on the following day to come.

As I leave you with these thoughts tonight, Another Saint will speak.  I bless you with God’s Love, My loved ones, and I say, ‘Tonight is a good night to begin the path to Sainthood, God’s Way.’  So be it.”

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