ON OCTOBER 14, 1971 AT 8:15 PM


“The Heavenly Mother spoke to you of the Holy Rosary.  Now, as I speak, I speak to you of the Crucifix.  When the prayer is said on this, you draw attention to The Holy Trinity, of Which I am The Second One, The Son, Who died upon the Cross for you.

My speaking to you in this way is unusual, that is true; but the time in which you live is important to Us, and that is why We have given the world The Miracle as Such.  A long time ago The Heavenly Father Decreed that This Miracle would be.  The time is now, My children, that The Son Who was obedient, Who was My Father in an earthly way, must be seen, must be heard, must be Honored, must be Revered, your way.

Right now the doors are closed to Churches all over the world, where I stay.  So many men are turning away from visiting there each day.  The evil one has placed many atrocities this way, forcing the doors to be closed and locked to keep you away.  This is sadness Here in Heaven, for you see, a child is not only in need in the day, for there are many nights a child could visit Us and return in peace.

Also, My little ones, they are taking away the beauty of prayer in this way.  They are not teaching children such as you to pray, to have devotion, too, to the Heavenly Way.  Man is striking out the idea to pray.  He is too busy doing other things in his way.  If you could see what We do see from Heaven in your day, the sadness is sometimes more than We can bear.  The children are looking for thrills, looking for ideas, looking for contact, looking for stimulation, every way.

I have come to you on this night to add My Love to Those Who have already spoken through this child to you.  Beware of the evil one, for he envies you each day.  You have time to come to Us.  Keep it that way.  Each Drop of Blood that I did shed on that day was carried up to Heaven by the Angels, in a special way.  You will see It when you arrive Here, for It is being kept to show the children what was done by men who followed someone else, and did not have the courage to stand up for truth or what they felt.

Right now, in the time you live, there are many, many men so positive in their action, and they are sinning every moment of the day.  They are so full of self-love that the evil one says he no longer needs to prod them, for they belong to him.  We have not given up on these Souls yet, so prayer from you, sacrifice and penance, will be the answer Here for Them.  Each Soul you save through sacrifice of yours is Grace-giving to you in a way nothing else can give.

I say to you this night, ‘Be wise, My little ones, do as the beloved Saint said.  Begin the road to Sainthood right tonight.’ The Words I speak are Mine, the voice I use is the child’s.  The Wisdom is Almighty God’s; the Love you receive, Divine.  So be it.”

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