ON NOVEMBER 2, 1971 AT 2:45 PM


“My beloved sons, My beloved daughters, I have requested through the child that This be taken in a special way, for I wanted to be sure that Each Word I did say was securely done and could be read every day.  I am the Saint you have requested to be present.  I am Saint Martin de Porres.

As I use this child, I use her in God’s Way.  She is as a chalice overflowing with Wisdom, Heaven’s Way.  As the flowing takes place, the Words are to be picked up by mankind throughout the wide world, in every place.

I come on this day and I grant each child here God’s Grace.  Mankind is fast becoming aware of the Beauty of Sainthood through This Miracle of Many Words, Much Love, Great Direction, All Truth; teaching mankind the power, the dignity, the integrity, the greatness of self-discipline, obedience, trust, Faith.  As the chalice flows and man picks up the Words, man must take the Words and follow What They say.

In My time there were many men against My way.  So it is now, in your day.  The confusion all around causes man to have little Faith, little trust.  The turmoil that is evident in daily living gives man a great amount of despair, and yes, causing man to misinterpret what is truly there.  All Heaven has gathered so that mankind will be aware of the Reward of a good life, of the Gain that awaits man after the physical strife.

Right now, in the world, there are groups of men trying to destroy the Church of your choice.  They are gathering in groups, praying their own way, not accepting the Way that was laid down by The Heavenly Son one day.

My children, you are part of the world and yet, in reality, a great Part of Heaven, for the Soul you have must return to God, glowing with Grace, radiant with Love, no matter what your race.

There are many, many, many, many men who are fighting for good causes.  Perhaps the cause is justified, perhaps the cause is good, but the method used has an undercurrent of the evil one’s ways.  Where he is, there is no peace.  Where God is, and His Way, there is all peace.

The joy you radiate when you gather with each other is human joy.  It gives you pleasure.  It lifts you for the moment.  Is this not so?  It is a temporary joy, but if you will be wise enough to pick up the Words from the chalice of Love, you will find Eternal Joy.  This is what God wants for you.  This is what I want for you, for the Joy of Heaven, the Happiness Here, the Love that is Here, is far beyond your knowledge.

God is saturating the world with This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph.  He is giving It in this manner to help all men better understand the Power He is, the Beauty He is.  If you could but see the agony all around, the despair, you would cling to Each Word from Here.  You are protected by God, for you could not stand the sin if you were to see it the way God sees it from Here.

Keep in mind each day the chalice that overflows, but keep in mind the necessity for you to follow God’s Plan.  You see, My children, you are handed the opportunity direct.  You are handed a Touch of Heaven direct, through a means, through a manner you can accept.

I bless you with The Father’s Love, and indeed, Mine too.  So be it, My cherished Souls, for from Here I will always help you.”

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