ON NOVEMBER 4, 1971 AT 8:04 PM


“My beloved children, The Heavenly Father has requested My coming to you tonight.  I am Saint Anne.

All children cherish the love of a doting grandmother, for her love is always a delight.  It is a giving love.  It’s a serving love.  It’s a tender love and a love that gives warmth to a child.  As this love is a human way, a human love, I say to you on this night, ‘I, your Grandmother, come with much delight.’ I enter the room in a human way; that is to say, My Words speak out so you understand What I say, but in truth I am in Heaven, Here to stay.

As I once lived upon the earth as you, I walked the physical way as you; and as I walked this way, I loved the children when I watched them play, for I knew that one day they must grow and take responsibility their way.  I always wondered how sincere they would do this in their way.

As you know, My Daughter had to play, and when She was so very small and I would stand by, performing the chores and seeing that She was taken care of in my way, I could not help but know that She was Special in some way; for the Charity She had, the Love She showed, was something Special, and very often I would say to Her beloved father, ‘I wonder what God has planned for This Child one day.’ He would smile proudly, and yet in his way, did not realize the Magnitude that She must walk in one day; and so you see, as time went on, God did show Her what He wanted, and as He showed Her this Special Road, I gained a Son through Her.

Now, The Son that I did gain was a Special Son to all mankind.  He, too, was Special to you in every way, for it was through His Life and His Service to The Father that you have the opportunity to gain Heaven.  Remember this through all your lives, and yes, stay close to Me, for I love all children, for I am your Grandmother, and as I say this to you tonight, please, My children, pray that all children will get to know the Beauty of God’s Way.

As I leave, I ask each son here in My Presence to cherish the way, and follow God’s Plan in saying the Holy Rosary each day.  You may wonder why I point out, with such distinction to the sons, a special request from a Grandmother:  because, I did have a Grandson.  So be it.”

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