ON NOVEMBER 4, 1971 AT 8:14 PM


“My sons, My daughters, I am Saint Athanasius.  I lived a long, long, long, long, long, long time ago, and at the time I lived in the world there was much heresy, much trouble going on.  I found at that time, that I had to stand up for the truth that had to be known.  I also found that I had to fight men who stood arrogant in their way.  I also found that I had to make plans to win the arguments against the evil way.  I also found, the more I fought for truth, the more I delved into it, the more I accepted it, the more peace I felt.

I can remember a time that a great argument was about to take place.  There were very learned men on the other side, and there were very, very many who were against what I was talking about.  Before I entered the room, I realized that to state my case, to win the argument, to prove to these men that I stood in truth and they had to accept the truth because it was the Will of God, I couldn’t do this on my own.  I had to be prepared, but I knew that my preparation was not sufficient.  I knew that God Himself would have to enlighten me, to encourage me, to aid me, to guide me, to direct me, and as I knelt on my knees, I said to Him: ‘As I fight for You and what is right, please stand by, and when I make a mistake, please God, shake me up so I will know that it is a terrible thing I do’; and I talked on and on for quite a lengthy time and, as I did this, I did not feel a great surge of light, but suddenly I felt that I had to go out and fight.  I had to find out why these men were so wrong, and why they let themselves get into this situation that was so wrong.

You, too, in your time that you live, must stand for truth and you must ask The Father to help you, but also, do not stand by and let these men say the things they feel they can.  Show them where they are wrong.  Prove to them that truth must be followed, must be sought.

You see, My children, you live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.  Heaven has said it many, many times to impress, to let you know that you live in dangerous ways, in a dangerous area of time.  God does not want to destroy mankind.  He wants mankind to survive the elements, the agonies, the horror, the disaster of these times.

So, as you go forward to fight for what is right, keep in mind at all times that you cannot win without The Holy Eucharist within.  This will be your strength, for as you receive The Sacred Host, you receive The Blessed Trinity, and This, My children, is the Most.  Do not forget that as The Host touches your tongue, you receive the Power of God’s Love and you receive the Strength of His Way and the Enlightenment for each day.  I bless you with The Holy Eucharist and I say, ‘Never let one day go by without This inside you.’  So be it.”

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