ON NOVEMBER 6, 1971 AT 12:05 PM


“My beloved sons, My beloved daughters, I am Saint Anne.  The Words that have just been delivered through this child were straight from Heaven.  They are All Truth and They are to help mankind know that man, at any age, can sin.  Man, in any walk of life, must use his will to reach out to God’s Way.  The need to save Souls is far greater than you know.  God’s Plan was to have man enjoy Heaven.  The Souls who neglect to help themselves in this way are sad Souls, in many ways.

If The Heavenly Father were to allow you, at this moment, to see the number in Purgatory, you would be shocked.  If you were to see one touch of Hell, it would sicken you inside until you vomited your insides out.  The way man is going in your day will lead him to these places, and that is one reason for This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph.  It is to draw mankind away from the pits of Hell, from the sorrow of Purgatory.

There has been no time in the world except, of course, the time The Beloved Son of God walked the earth, that so much Teaching has been given, so much Love shown, so much Direction pointed out to mankind, as This Miracle now.  The Holy Trinity decides just what Lessons the children will hear, will know, will be guided by at a given moment, through This Miracle of Divine Way.

My children, at any age you can learn to pray.  You can begin to sacrifice and you can learn the value of penance.  All ages must learn about it and must accept it.  All peoples of all over the world must know the Greatness of Sainthood, the paths to It, and the Love God has for It.

I walked in the world as you.  I was a wife, I was a mother.  We carried on the daily tasks, the daily way, always conscious of Divine Truth, Divine Way, Divine Love, as you must be in your day.  You live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah, and God is giving man this chance to turn His Way. The Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph is a daily Miracle, a daily Way, a daily Truth.

I say to you now: ‘Do not live in the past for there is nothing about it you can do.  Go forward with the strength of truth.  Go forward, seeking the Wisdom and the Light from The Holy Ghost, and do not be sidetracked by others who are too weak to accept what is good.’

Remember, My children, as I stand Here in the Heavens I am your Heavenly Grandmother, and I worry for all My grandchildren all over the world.  My Love is as this:  a great concern for how you live, what you do, how you follow God’s Plan for you.  As I mothered Mary, the Grace I felt was from The Heavenly Father.  Grace is reward to each of you, as it was to me in that day.

You must remember that Heaven is here for you, and God waits lovingly.  So, as you leave this dwelling on this special day, do keep in mind that you must pray, and know within your heart, your whole being, that today can be the beginning for each of thee.

As you entered in the door you were Blessed by Our Lord, and as you leave you will be Blessed again.  Keep in mind this Blessing and know that with it there is Grace for your Faith, for your love for Him.  I bless you with My Love and I say: ‘Stay close to Heaven with your mind and heart each day.  Keep It ever in your sight and always know that you have the privilege to choose what is right, with your will.’  So be it.”

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