ON NOVEMBER 9, 1971 AT 11:15 AM


“My children, as I once taught on hilltops, from the water, in closed areas, I am teaching again; this time, direct from the Realm of Heaven Where I am.  I am The Son of The Father, and I speak with Much Love today.

As you partake in The Miracle known to the world as ‘The Miracle Of Saint Joseph’, I, too, come to spread His Name, for It must be seen, must be heard, and It must become known throughout all lands.  As I walked the earth, He was My earthly Father.  In Heaven Here, I am His Father.  Do not try to understand, but pray; and now I say to each child here: ‘You have taken the first step God’s Way.  Whether it be out of curiosity, whim, desire, hope, Faith, charity, nonetheless, you used your will to take the first step.’

If I were to show you now the Crown that awaits each one here, I would be offering you a material gift.  I smile at this when I say this to you, but I add, ‘The Crown is a Heavenly Way, in a Heavenly Realm, and It is different than your day.’

To those who are dying, they must have hope.  To those who are ill, you must give them hope.  To those who have little Faith, you must help them understand God’s Way; and to those who say they have no Faith, you must pray for them each day.  Man speaks of charity but man does not express it, extend it, in little ways.

As I speak to you from the Realm of Heaven, you picture Me in many ways.  Some children in the room picture Me on a Cross, some picture Me with an open Heart, and some picture Me in a white gown, standing before them, speaking in My Way.  I could go on and on and tell each child here how they are picturing Me.  Please, as you picture Me, know that the Words I speak direct through this child are Truth.

And now I give you a Way to travel to Here.  Use your will to do all good.  Use your will to pray each day.  Use your will to sacrifice.  Use your will to perform penance each day.  Use your will to help others know of God, of All The Saints of Heaven, and what importance it is to pray.  Use your will to do all things God’s Way.

Next, be sure that you open each day for yourself with the Sign that Heaven loves to see a child use, for each time you make The Cross you call on The Divine Three.  The next thing I suggest is that you allow yourselves The Holy Eucharist, and as you walk to receive This, know that It is Divine Transfusion with your human means.  No closer Love could God give to any child of His.

Now, when you leave His Home, where He waits for you each day, pray, for you see, when you receive The Holy Eucharist, We watch over you in a special way, for within you, you have Us, to walk through the day.  Those who are ill and cannot go forward themselves, make a special point to see that We are brought to them in The Host.  It is important, My little ones, for We are a Strength that nothing else can be.

Heaven has given man special prayers to say.  Say them often, all through the day.  When the ‘Our Father Who Art in Heaven’ is spoken by a child, God knows the child is obedient, and the prayer is so worthwhile.  Never omit the Holy Rosary, for when you do, you ignore The Heavenly Mother, The Heavenly Queen.  She is in charge of Souls, you know, and each day She gathers all the Rosaries that you do say and presents them at the Feet of The Holy Trinity.  She bargains with Us often for She desires all the Souls to be released, and as this happens, She is difficult to refuse.  So as We gather the Rosaries that you do say, We ask you on this day for you, also, to gather others to pray in this way.

I bless you with My Love.  I bless you with the Truth.  I bless you with the Faith to follow through.  So be it.”

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