ON NOVEMBER 11, 1971 AT 7:56 PM


“My beloved children, I am Saint Elizabeth.  As I speak through this child on this special night, to each one here, I say now, ‘Every moment you spend in God’s Way, God’s Service, will pay dividends with Grace one day.’ Man is so preoccupied with worldly gain, man pays little attention to Spiritual gain.  Make it a note right now, that you will keep tab on your Spiritual growth and you will try hard to gain Grace and grow in Spiritual way.  Do not allow yourselves to slide, for when you do, it is only yourselves you have to blame.

As I walked the earth I bore a son who had, and has a Special Name.  He found what was right and he found his way, and he walked it, day by day.  So you, too, must do this, in your little way.  He found happiness in service to God, and there were many times he doubted his way, but as He stands Here in the Realm of Heaven, He wishes to say Direction your way.”

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