ON NOVEMBER 11, 1971 AT 7:59 PM


“My beloved children, I am truly John The Baptist, and as I speak to you, I speak in the firmness I spoke a long time ago; and as I gathered men around me and told them that one day this Man would walk the earth, I say it to you again on this night, and I say, ‘Again God sends a child with Messages for you.’

As I speak I say to you, ‘Do not walk with your head in the clouds but your feet on the ground and your head in the area of reach.’ I say to you now, ‘Walk with Faith, walk with hope, and yes, remember What Heaven does preach’; and I say to you with Love, ‘As I have walked the earth, I want you also to walk, with dignity and integrity, and do not allow the cults to gather you up and to swallow you into their little meaning.’

Follow the truth, follow the Ten Commandments.  Follow the prayer God gave, ‘Our Father’.  Say it daily, say it often, and above all things, say it with meaning, say it with feeling, and know that what you say, you are acclaiming God in His Way.

I bless you tonight in a special way.  It is a privilege given to Me by God to come through this child to teach again one day.  So be it.”

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