ON NOVEMBER 11, 1971 AT 8:01 PM


“My children, I am Saint Anne.  I speak to you tonight because I love you.  I speak to you tonight with a Heavenly Grandmother’s Way.  I enfold you in My Arms and I say, ‘Follow The Father’s Will, follow The Father’s Way, follow The Father’s Teaching, so you will come Here one day.’

You are so little in God’s Eyes.  You are so weak, so do not try to know all things, but be as a child and God will take care of you in every way.  Do not feel you have to compete with The Saints or with God.  Do not try to feel on an equal level with Him.  You are not.  Stand at His Knee as a child, pray at His Knee as a child; and oh, My children, visit Him in The Blessed Sacrament where He waits in loneliness for all men.  As He waits there, He waits for you, and so many children pass by and say they have too much to do.  This is selfishness on your part.

So remember, I am your Grandmother, and I request of you today to stop by and say that you love Him, that you need Him, that you thank Him in your little way.  So be it.”

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