ON NOVEMBER 11, 1971 AT 8:04 PM


“My beloved sons, My beloved daughters, I speak through this child to you and I speak now from the Heavenly Realm Where I am.  I once taught Man to man and I taught with the Wisdom of The Heavenly Father, and now, as I stand in the Divine Way, I teach God’s Love, God’s Truth, in a Divine Way.

Since the time I walked the earth, there have been many prophets chosen by The Heavenly Father.  Their tasks were set down for a definite purpose and in a definite way.  This time, God The Father, The Heavenly One, The Creative One, speaks through another child to save mankind in a different way.  All Heaven has come forward to save you.  You are this important to God, for as you were born, you were born of His Love.  Know this.

The world in which you live, on which you walk, is in a state of confusion.  It is in a way worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.

These Words are being released to you direct from Heaven.  I am The Son.  As I stand Here, Where I am in Divine Way, I want each one to know that The Holy Trinity expects your Soul to come This Way.  It is sadness Here when you treat It so lightly.  It is sadness when We see children so busy at play they cannot work to save their Souls.

As you gather now in a room of your day, the glow of your Soul comes This Way.  You do not see It but if I were to show you now, some of you would be sad, some of you would be happy.  So as of this day, from this night, keep in mind that you must save the Soul given to you by God.

I taught on the hilltops These Same Words many years ago, and now again They are being taught in your time, in a way you can understand, through a child as you.  Do not ask yourselves how much you have absorbed, but do ask yourselves how much you intend to give, to serve, to grow from this day on.

When temptation comes your way, walk away, My children.  When sin is evident around you, ignore it, and do not let it touch you.  Be example, walk in love, but walk in obedience above all things, for if you are not obedient to God and the Rules He set down for you, you cannot expect to glow with a Light that you will be proud of.

There is All Plan, there is All Order to God’s Way.  He set it up with His Will and with His Way, and if you will look back on the History of man, you will see that God put all things in order, for He did love man in His Way.  So as of tonight, I suggest that you use your will to put your lives in order so that each thing that you do will be a credit to you.

And as I teach again through this child, I say, ‘Be conscious of your Soul and Who gave It to you, and as you are conscious of these things, keep in mind to pray; for as you pray, you communicate with God Who created All Things.’ As the Teachings are taught, as the Lessons are absorbed, as the Direction is given now, It was given in My day.  Do not trust the books that you read, for they are man’s thinking, man’s personality, but I say, ‘Trust the Ten Commandments, and above all things, trust in prayer.’

And now, before I leave, My children, I want to say, ‘Receive The Holy Eucharist every day, for as you do, It is Divine Transfusion with human means, and as We enter your little being, We give you Strength, We give you Our Love, and many more things.’

I bless you in God’s Love and I bless you with My Heart that I gave one day, and I bless you with the Light of Heaven that is All Truth.  Follow It, be guided by It, absorb It, and please, My children, be good.  So be it.”

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