ON NOVEMBER 17, 1971 AT 11:10 AM


“My beloved children, I am your Heavenly Grandmother and as I speak to you through this child, I bless you with God’s Love that is so Worthwhile.

The time has come for man to awaken to the need for prayer.  There are many men around, saying, ‘There is no need for Churches everywhere.’ They say that man can pray in quiet hideaway places.  They say that man can pray at his daily tasks, so he need not go to a special place and give this time in this way.

Oh, My children, this is not true.  God has designed the temple for you.  The Tabernacle that sits there holds The Holy Trinity constantly.  It is forever occupied.  Remember this.  Compare it with going home to a loved one, to talk, to respond, to communicate, for each time you enter to make a visit to This Blessed Sacrament, you say to God, ‘I love You, and I understand that I am welcome in Your Home where You remain for me to come and discuss all things with You.’ It is not being taught, this privilege, and children are not learning the benefits of prayer.  It is up to you, when you leave this dwelling, to let others see example from you in this way so they do not despair.

As I speak from a Realm far beyond yours, I speak with a Mother’s Love and a Grandmother’s Protection for you.  Keep in mind that God has allowed mankind the privilege of knowing The Saints.  God has allowed each of you here, and others also, to know that there is reward for your Soul, and that is to one day be a Saint and come Here.

Children are not being taught the Beauty of Sainthood, the magnificence of truth, and the purpose of trusting in God and His Rules.  Children are being denied the Commandments God laid down for mankind, and children are being torn apart by falsehoods, by inadequacies, by distortions, and by men who are full of pride.

As I speak through this child, I say much to you, and I say also that I do love you.  Do not let your age or your way of life make you feel it is not necessary for you to try to be a Saint, for you see, there are Many Saints Here Who arrived at loving God in a later life.

Oh, My children, if you but knew the Power God has and how He touches you, and if you but felt the littleness you are, you would go each day to Him as a child, and you would not act important, be prideful, or demand things of Him.  You would be thankful, too, for who you are and what you are, and all the things He gave you.

Before I leave I want to say: ‘You gather today in God’s Name.  Let this be an everyday way for you.’ Keep in mind The Holy Eucharist, the Power of It, the Beauty of It and the privilege of It, and whatever you do, do not forget the Holy Rosary that God gave you.  It is not a thing of the past, or for those who are illiterate.  It is a thing of love to The Beloved Mother of all men.  The Souls must be saved and this is the grandest, greatest way to do it.

I bless you with God’s Love on this day, and I say, ‘I, your Grandmother, will hold your hand if you ask Me to, each day.’  So be it.”

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