ON NOVEMBER 17, 1971 AT 11:22 AM


“I am Saint Bernard, My children, and I come today to let you know the youth of your day is in much need of knowing about The Saints, in Our Way.  They must understand that they have help direct, and they must understand that We will intercede for them in many ways; and they must know that God has covered everything and can answer all their problems if they will but give Him a chance, and be sure that children of all ages know this, for you see, children become smug and say, ‘I do not need The Holy Trinity.’

There are so many men, right at this very moment, sinning against God.  There are many sinning against His Will, and there are many, many saying: ‘I do not need Him.  There is no such thing as a Supreme Being.’ You would be surprised, My children, if you knew how many men right now are saying these things I have revealed to you.

Help the youth but do not cater to them.  Show them the strength you are.  Show them the truth you know, and yes, give them the Ten Commandments to follow.  Teach them to follow a prayer, not in an emotional way, but in a quiet way, a loving way, and yes, teach them that God is Peace, not large gatherings that become boisterous, hazardous; yes, for you see, the evil one is there, directing everyone he sees, he feels, he knows.  It is sad to say, but he is as real as you.  It is sad to say, but he does know wicked ways to worm his way in.

And as I say these things, I speak from a Realm far beyond yours, but I speak with much interest, and yes, much concern for each child who yet walks the earth.

I bless you, My children, and I say, ‘Follow God’s Words, God’s Way.’  So be it.”

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