ON NOVEMBER 17, 1971 AT 11:32 AM


“My beloved children, I am The Son of The Father, and yet I am The Heart that shows all mankind the need of love, the purpose of love, the way of love, the beauty of love, the gift of love.

As I said, the Soul has a glow.  My Heart also glows, in a different way.  My Heart is lighted by the Love I have for man.  It is a Supernatural Light, and the only way that man can depict this Light and show it to others, is by forming rays around My Heart with a color that man can understand as light.

I speak to you now to let you know that this Heart of Mine is always in the Tabernacle, where you must go.  Kneel before It and ask all things of My Heart that you want to know, and if you feel I do not answer you in My Way, your way, know that I have answered you in the Heavenly Way, in God’s Way, and My Answer is the best for you.

Some of the children here in the room are familiar with My Heart, for they have much dedication to It, for they see It as Love, they see It as Purpose.  They see It as the Beauty It is.  There is a great need for more men to understand My Heart.  There is a great need for men to hear more about My Heart.  There is a great need for men to look to My Heart for Love.

I am The Sacred Heart.  I have spoken through this child many, many, many, many, many times; and each time I do, it is for a definite purpose, for definite children.  As I speak to you today, I say: ‘Spread the Love of My Heart in every way.  Spread it in every direction, for through The Heart I give strength.  Through devotion to this way I give courage, and through loving this way I give much Grace.’

Before I leave you today, My children, I will bless you with The Heart that I hold before mankind so that mankind will see the Love of Heaven.  As I show My Heart today, It is not pierced.  No, It is solid, and as I show It to the child, I protect her from the Beauty of It.  My children, stay close to My Heart, for as you do nothing can touch you, and you will shed sin, you will grow in strength.  I bless you with the Rays of My Heart, and now with My Heart.  So be it for today.”

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