ON DECEMBER 9, 1971 AT 7:59 PM


“My beloved children, I am Saint Francis of Assisi and I come in firmness to you tonight so you will know the Importance of What has been said and What will be said to you.  Each child in this room must save his Soul and must come Here Where I am.  Each of you will come Here in a different way.  Some of you will have performed many small acts.  Some of you will have given your whole way, and some of you will start today to understand the Beauty of your Soul, the Importance of your Soul, and the Gift It was from God one day.

As I say These Words to you on this night, I add: ‘For your sake, learn to pray.’ It is not just for someone else.  It is not just for children.  Prayer is for every age, every color, every creed, and as I say this on this night, I add: ‘The more you pray, the more you grow internally, interiorly with God’s Love, the happier you will be, for the more you serve Him, the more happiness you will radiate for Him.’

Please, My children, look at the way I felt I had to walk one day.  I do not say, ‘Walk in the same way,’ but I do say, ‘Take some of what I did, take some of what others did, and use it your way.’ Keep in mind that God had in mind to make each child a Saint one day, and He does not limit you in a degree you can go; only you limit your Souls as you go.

The little ones are not being taught how to pray.  They are not being told that God is Divine, and they are not being taught respect for The Holy Trinity, and the children are not being told the importance of the House of God.  They are allowed to run through it without respecting any part of it.

It is up to you, when you know the truth, to stand up for it, stand in it, and project it to others.  Is that not so?  It is so easy for some children to pass a recipe around for a new idea; and now I have given you a burden tonight.  I smile when I say this, for at first it will be a burden to you to stand up for the truth, but once you get used to it you will find the task is light.  Pass on to others what you know will help them come Here and will help their Soul glow.

I cannot hand you the Crown on this night, but I can give you Words to help you reach for the Crown that waits Here for you, for one day, My children, you will come around, and will you be allowed entrance; or will you be asked to wait for awhile, and will you have to depend on others to pray for you?  I wonder which category you will be in, or will you be doomed and go to Hell?

There is a Hell, My children.  It is ugliness.  It is hate.  It is a terrible place.  Children are not being taught the horrors of Hell.  Man has grown so accustomed to invention, prevention, that he accepts all things that make things easy for him.  And now I say on this night: ‘Man, learn to sacrifice.  Learn the beauty of penance and you will feel security in life.’

I bless you with the way I walked, and I say, ‘Be aware of the importance of your way and be aware of how important you are to God, for He did create you with His Love, out of His Love, and He gave you the Faith to come Here one day.’  So be it.”

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