ON DECEMBER 16, 1971 AT 7:50 PM


“My children, I am Saint Bernadette and I come to you on this night to speak in a way you will understand and to help you know about Heaven Where I am.

When I was a small girl, I was allowed the privilege of seeing firsthand a Vision of The Heavenly Mother.  The Beauty of this Vision was difficult to explain in fullness, but nonetheless, when I saw Her my heart leaped with love, and every fiber of my body enjoyed Her.  I knew that if a Vision such as this could make me feel this way, to look forward to the Beatific Vision one day was What I must live for, work for, and to attain.

Each of you children here in this room, of all ages, was born to the world to enjoy the Beatific Vision.  Nowhere did God say, ‘Yes for you, no for you; yes for you, no for you.’ Oh no, My children, each one here has a perfect chance to obtain this Glory.  The Vision that was described to you was important to you and for you.  It was to let you know that Hell is there, Purgatory is there, and Heaven waits for you.

As you leave this dwelling tonight, keep in mind that you have heard firsthand, Words from The Divine.  You are Blessed at this hearing and you are Blessed in many ways, too many for you to understand.  As The Heavenly Father speaks through this child who is as you, she is used as an instrument to give you Words to save you.  Keep in mind, My children, the importance of prayer, the importance of obedience, the importance of trust in God, the importance of service to Him.

It would be nice if I could say to you that each child here in My Presence will enter the Kingdom of Heaven the moment the physical ends.  Instead, I must say that it will be your decision.  Do you know what I mean on this day?  At the moment of conception each child is given a body, a Soul, a Guardian Angel, a will, and it is through this will that you survive many things, and it is through your Guardian Angel Who protects you, that you are guarded against many dangerous things.  My children, use the will that you have in a correct way.  Do not let stubbornness draw you to untruth.  Do not let weakness govern you.

Heaven is speaking on this earthly night to you, because of God’s Love for each of you.  Do not become so wrapped up in the emotional side that you do not see the real side for each of thee.

My children, I walked the earth and I know how it is to walk as man, but I also know how it is to serve and to grow so in love with God that when the time does come for Him to take you by the hand, the joy of It, the happiness, the glow of It, is a Beauty beyond man’s.

I bless you with God’s Love and I say, ‘Walk in truth each day.’  So be it.”

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