ON DECEMBER 16, 1971 AT 7:58 PM


“My beloved children, I walked the earth in a womanly way.  I was a Wife, I was a Mother, I was a Daughter, and as I walked this way, I had the tasks of My day and I had the responsibility of that time of life.  When the Angel appeared to Me and passed on to Me God’s request of Me, My feeling at that moment was a great love, a great wonderment as to why He would choose Me.  I immediately felt a tremendous responsibility.

My children, as I stand Here in the Heavens, I gather each one of you in My Arms because I am your Heavenly Mother, and I say to you on this night of Love, to clear your mind of falsehoods that are all around, of the wickedness you sometimes feel, of the indifference you accept as real, of the intolerance you have for things you do not agree with, for the lack of charity you often show.

My children, please, I beseech you that from this night you grow in Grace, in love, so that you will not falter and fall into the abyss of Hell.  Do not feel so wise, so learned, so self-sufficient on your own.  Kneel in humility to The Heavenly Father.  Pray to be cleansed of the sin you know you have and request always to hold God’s Hand, and when things seem to pile up upon you and you cannot handle the burden you feel facing you, please, think back to the day the Angel appeared to Me, telling Me God’s Will for Me, and follow the plan that I followed when I was man.  Never did a day go by that I did not seek help from God, to withstand the doubts I had, the lack of strength I felt.  Please, My children, learn to pray.

There are so many lacks in your day.  There are so many who are neglecting the importance of going to God on all issues, not just big ones.  Ask yourselves now, if God were to stand in the middle of this room and place a cross on each one here, according to the Grace you have stored up to this time, how much weight could you bear?  Or would you feel overconfident and ask for a heavier cross and fall under the weight into despair.

My children, it is because of Love I am here.  It is because of God’s Great Love for you He allows you, on this night, to hear Words direct, and They fall on the ears that He created, and They fall on the minds that He made, and They fall into the bodies; the chalice of truth He gave you.

So oftentimes I am seen holding a Child in My Arms Who was The Divine King.  Even the madmen who whipped Him, crowned Him and said, ‘Make Him a king,’ and what they did not know was, He was already a King, but a Higher King than they could know, than they could ever crown.  Many of these men were as you.  They were led by others all around and they followed the group.  Please, My children, only let God’s Hand lead you and only let yourselves accept truth, and do not follow every whim around, for if you do, you will fall into the abyss of Hell, and I could not bear this for I cherish you.

As I leave on this night, I say to you, ‘Grow so in love with God that every thought you have will be His Way and everything you do will be for Him, and you will find a joy in the physical life that nothing else can give’; a promise to you for serving as you should do, as you must do, as God Wills it to be.

I bless you from a Heavenly Realm and I say, ‘When you read over My Words one day, do not be foolish, and be sure you pray, for I want to see each one of you in the Realm of Heaven one day.’  So be it.”

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