ON JANUARY 11, 1972 AT 7:45 PM


“My beloved sons, My beloved daughters, All that has been spoken thus far through the child has been Heaven speaking to you.  Some of you are asking, ‘Which Saint?’ Heaven smiles at this and says, ‘One you must love, One you must know, One that stood in obedience, One that stood in trust, One that stood doing God’s Will.’

I, My children, am a Saint that some of you do not know.  I am Saint Athanasius and I speak to you from a Realm unknown to you.  The Saint Who spoke was The Beloved Saint Joseph, and as He spoke He extended to each child here much Grace, much Protection, much Direction and much Love.  Nowhere in the world could you go and hear the Words so.  Nowhere in the world could you stand, could you sit, could you lie, and hear the Words so direct from Heaven Where I am.  As this child sits in the physical realm, Heaven uses her as a chalice of Words, a chalice for Truth, pouring All These Things to you.

Remember, My children, that you live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah, and you live in a time when and where much heresy is everywhere; and you must learn to sift the truth, and you will find that the truth that you are learning, the truth that you are hearing, the truth that you are subjected to, is far less than you suspect or know.  So learn to sift the truth in every way, and above all things, learn to pray, for as you pray for enlightenment this way, The Heavenly Father will come your way and He will give you the advantage of knowing the truth.

There are so many children walking around, smug in their way, deliberate in their way, and saying, ‘Others do it, so can I,’ but they do not look at the truth.  Oh, My children, as you sit with this child in the physical way, keep in mind that you must become a Saint.  If you face each day with this point of view, you will grow so in love with God, and you will feel such a joy, and you will learn to immediately know the truth.

The world has dismissed modesty, the world has rejected purity.  The world has accepted all things sinful, ugly, full of turmoil, for so many in the world are saying, ‘Let me enjoy this moment and I will worry about it later.’ This is not the way to walk, this is not acceptance of truth; this is weakness, and remember, My children, God is Strength.  Satan, the evil one, is all weakness.

In the time in which I lived, it was necessary for me to stand in truth when all others had conflicting ideas and would deny me many things; and I would kneel and pray to The Heavenly Father and I would say, ‘Let me know what You Will for me to be,’ and then I would go before these men and I would say, ‘I know I have the truth today, for God would not let me speak heresy.’ And many men threw words at me, for they wanted to beat me down with their intelligence, their way; and I would speak to God while these men did speak to me, and suddenly would come forth the truth against the heresy.

I bless you, My children, and I say, ‘There is a great need to pray, and there is a great need to love, but God’s Way.’  So be it.”

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