ON JANUARY 11, 1972 AT 7:53 PM


“My children, I am Saint Bernadette, and I speak to you tonight on a special Subject.  The Subject is loving The Heavenly Mother.

When I walked the earth it was easy to love such a Mother, for we knew that She stood in such Beauty, such Love, that we were drawn to Her in many ways, and yet there were many people in My time that rejected Her, as they do in your time; but when She taught the Holy Rosary to us, it was done with such Love, such Kindness, that we could not help but love Her more, and through This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph, again Heaven is teaching the necessity of this great prayer.  The purpose of this prayer is to alert mankind to the Great Events that must be remembered.

So, as you take your Beads in hand and you progress through them, the first thing you do say is, ‘I believe in God,’ and if you will but remember, this important line tells The Heavenly Father you know He is Divine; and as you pass your little fingers over the Beads of Truth, you repeat again and again the Great Truth.  And as you reach a point when you stop and meditate on an Event of Great Importance, think, My children, of that time, and what it says from The Divine.

And when you grow in love with these prayers, the meditation will mean much to you and you will find a strength in each of them for you.  When you reflect on what they say, you will feel God’s Hand your way; and so, as you do pray to The Beloved Heavenly Queen, you will learn more of God and more of how He worked, and you will begin to understand Him in His Way.

Some children say, ‘I do not like to be reminded of the Sorrowful Way.’ Heaven smiles at this and says, ‘Take one at a time, My child, and walk the way, so you will grow so in love with all the Great Times that were given to you to reflect upon, you will grow in understanding that the Sorrowful Ones are beautiful in their own way.’

Man says, ‘I cannot bear to have Him scourged at the pillar,’ and yet man, each day, rejects Him when he does not pray.  Man says, ‘I cannot bear to speak of the Crucifixion,’ and yet The Holy Eucharist is passed by, by man each day.  Oh, My children, keep in mind that it was a very Important Day that He gave mankind His Body and Blood, to give mankind strength every day.

You are Blessed on this night with a Special Grace and through the Words I say.  Go to The Holy Eucharist every day, and keep the Holy Rosary in close touch with your fingers in every way.

I say to the sons who are present here now, ‘On your person, carry one each day, and when you feel temptation, you feel ugly, you feel intolerant, you feel disobedient, you feel fear, wrap your fingers around the Beads and call on your Heavenly Mother.’ I say to the daughters, ‘Have one ever present on your person, in your girlish way, so you can immediately touch it and chase satan away.’

The Rosary was not only of My day.  The Holy Rosary will live forever, and this prayer can help you be crowned a Saint one day.  Each time you say the Beads of Love, a Soul could come This Way; and when you gather in a group and you begin to pray, speak to God and say, ‘As I say these Beads, dear God, let Our Lady’s Hand touch a Soul so She can draw the Soul out of Purgatory to go Your Way.’ This, My children, is one prayer that God does like to hear, for the Souls Who are in this state, Who desire to draw near.

I bless you with the Holy Rosary and I say, ‘Hold it dear.’  So be it.”

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