ON JANUARY 11, 1972 AT 8:06 PM


“My sons, if I were to walk in the room in your day and I were to beckon you to walk My Way, how many of you would follow and say, ‘I am ready to do as You Will’?  How many of you would say, ‘There are so many things in the world I must do, there are so many things I have not yet completed, there are so many things I must experience before I can waste my days’?  How many of you would say, ‘I have responsibilities another way’?  How many of you would say, ‘I would, but I would like to know just what You have in mind for me each day’?  How many of you would be reluctant to give any excuse?

My sons, I am beckoning you.  I am not asking you to give up your way of life, but I am asking you to change some things in your life.  I am asking you to follow a path that would be easy for you.  I am asking you to learn to communicate with Me.  I am asking you to offer prayers.  I am asking you to be obedient to The Rules, to The Commandments.  I am asking you to let your whole being radiate love for The Holy Trinity.  I am asking that you do not pass by The Holy Eucharist without accepting It for you.  I’m asking that you do not make excuses for time.  I’m asking you to grow close to the Holy Rosary so that purity and modesty, patience, tolerance, kindness, will be such a part of you, so that one day you will be counted in the Divine.

If each child here in this room knew the Love that is extended to you, as you stand in the human way, childlike, looking God’s Way, the Protection is there in all ways.  As I beckon you, My sons, I say: ‘Your entrance here tonight to The Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph was My doing, not yours.  The will you used to reach where you are was Love from The Holy Trinity for you.’

As I once gathered a group of men around Me, I gather you.  I will tell you a story, as I told them.  The creation of the world did not just happen.  It was a Great Plan.  All things in the universe had purpose, had plan, had place.  The Greatest Creation, as you know, was you, and I say to you Face to face: ‘How will you handle what you are, the Purpose of your life?  Are you planning on just day by day, or are you planning on future gain?’ You are all wise in this way, and each of you, I know, is planning to come This Way.  Then, I say, My sons: ‘Do not settle for less, but look forward to more, and I will give you the Grace to pass every test.  Do not doubt how I speak, for I speak All Truth.  Do not blind yourselves to the Vision of Me, for I am truly here with you.’

Now, as I have given you the Goal God wants for you, I say this: ‘When I leave your presence in the physical way, how will you handle each day?  Will you let other men draw you away?  Will you let other men cause you to sin?  Will you let other men talk you out of coming Here Where I am?  Will you let weakness take over?  Will you allow yourselves to desire, to such a great degree, material gain, that you will forget your Purpose and Aim?  Will you spend so much time making excuses that you will reject The Divine?  Will you let the world tug at your Soul, that the world will look all aglow?’ The glow that the world has is man-made.  The glow of the Cross is God-made.  The glow of the world will not last.  The glow of the Cross is the Light of Eternity, is the Power of God.  I ask you, My sons: ‘What path will you take?  The one I have offered?  I hope so.’

As you leave this dwelling on this night, I will touch your heart with the Light:  the Light of the Cross, the Light of The Holy Ghost, the Light of God’s Power that is truly the Most; and any time that you feel drawn away from Me, oh My sons, pray, and I will hear your words and draw you My Way.

I bless you with The Heart I gave and I say, ‘Remember, I have beckoned you on this day.’  So be it.”

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